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Backlink checker: As you may already know, promoting a website is essential for link building. Nowadays, even in the niche branches, most people are aware of the term SEO and will do their utmost to optimize their search engine optimization. The difference can often only be made with competitive keywords with a difference in popularity and content. Content can be created by creating relevant pages or possibly updating a blog on the website. Popularity can be obtained by promoting the site itself on other sites through link building check websites backlinks

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Inbound Links

This is when a site is linked to another website; it is referred to as a backlink, the number and quality of all searchable backlinks make up a significant part of your site's ranking in search engines. How do you now check which backlinks can be found on your website? A good solution is to use the backlink checker in Google webmaster tools. The disadvantage of this tool is that this money costs, an advantage is that the tool is very complete and not only keeps track of your backlinks, but you can also check the backlinks of your competitors. These backlinks can you check again to see if it's possible to place your website there. The tool updates weekly updates for your website and those of your conciliates. This is a relatively well-functioning method of getting your website at the top of the search lists. And the various backlink checker we have are listed below:

  1. Link Diagnosis

The backlink checker Link Diagnosis is free to use, and you do not have to create an account first to get started. After filling in the URL, the tool will need to load some time depending on the number of backlinks to the website. This is a disadvantage if you want to check multiple sites on their backlinks. For a free tool, Link Diagnosis displays many useful data. For example, each link shows the URL, page title, and anchor text. You can sort the links to any of the criteria you want and, if desired, you can add or remove columns from the backlink report. The report can be exported as a CSV file. If you have a free account, you can also save the report online. The tool works best in Firefox browser. To view the full reports, you can install the free Link Diagnosis extension for Firefox. The tool's load time will be slightly longer, but more backlinks will be displayed on websites with many backlinks. Additionally, after installing the extension, each link shows whether it is a good (do follow) link, nofollow link or missing link. Also the PageRank, some outbound links, LinkStrength, MozRank, Page Authority and Domain authority based on SEOmoz 'formulas will be visible.

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  1. Open Site Explorer

Another favorite tool to check websites backlinks is SEOmoz's Open Site Explorer. This backlink checker is only available three times a day in the free version and shows up to 200 backlinks. The Open Site Explorer, without logging in, only displays five backlinks, the anchor text, page authority and domain authority. Only with a PRO membership can you see the info of all backlinks. The results are to filter on anchor texts, the domain authority of the backlinks and the web pages where the most links are connected. But in the free version, only five backlinks will display the full information in these tabs. However, each link shows whether it is a do follow or no monitor the link. PRO membership also demonstrates the number of Facebook shares; Facebook likes, Tweets and Google + 1's. The Open Site Explorer is the only backlink checker that displays this information. Because social media, and especially Google's +1 affect search results, this is a "plus" of the tool. There is a free 30-day trial of the PRO version available. To do so, you must first enter your credit card information. Please note: If you forget to change your account to a Basic account after 30 days, the subscription amount will be credited to your credit card monthly.

  1. Bing recently launched her Link Explorer

This is the "successor" of Yahoo! Site Explorer that went offline a few months ago. The Bing Link Explorer is not readily accessible, like Link Diagnosis and Open Site Explorer. You must first create a Bing Webmaster Tools account with a free @hotmail or @live email address. Once logged in, you must verify at least one website in Bing Webmaster Tools to access the Link Explorer. The Link Explorer is also referred to as "Link Explorer" by Bing in the Dutch version. You'll find the 'Link Explorer' under 'Diagnostics & Tools' in the left menu. The biggest plus of the Bing Link Explorer is the speed. Where other tools like Link Diagnosis and Open Site Explorer have to load for some time, Link Explorer is fast-paced. In a short while, a long list of backlinks rolls out of the tool. One disadvantage is that the Bing Link Explorer shows less data than the other two tools. Only the URL and the Page Title are visible by backlink. The anchor text, PageRank, Moz rank or LinkStrength are not displayed. However, the tool has a filter for the anchor text, and the ability to check internal or external links. The lack of many data in the results thus explains the fast loading time compared to the other tools. Because the Link Explorer is still in the Beta phase, more functionality may be added to the tool in the future. Another drawback is that after one hour of intensive backlinks searching from different websites, the "Wait a minute before trying again" error appears. Shortly after that, I followed "Sorry, an error occurred while processing your request." Then I could not use Link Explorer for the rest of the day.



International Website

Most tools are designed to analyze the backlinks of international (.com) sites. But we don’t have those for French, German or other country local websites. In the tests I've done, Open Site Explorer released most backlinks quickly and equitably completely, but in the free version there is a lot of information missing, there is no export function, and the tool is only used three times a day. Bing's Link Explorer also returns the backlinks quickly. But what struck me in the tests is that Bing shows fewer backlinks than Open Site Explorer and Link Diagnosis on websites that have many backlinks. For sites or pages with fewer backlinks (up to about 25), the tool shows more links than Link Diagnosis. Link Diagnosis often does not show all links to websites with low backlinks, websites or web pages with more backlinks (from 25), the tool is excellent with showing the backlink profile.



The Open Site Explorer is the most limited in the free version. However, the device displays the backlink profile fairly quickly and thoroughly. The big advantage of the tool is to understand the social media statistics in the PRO version. But the paid PRO version, starting at $ 99 per month, might only be interesting for SEO professionals. The biggest advantage of the Bing Link Explorer is its speed. Link Explorer is ideal if you want to check/export the backlinks of multiple websites quickly. However, it is hoped that the error that appears in the tool after about an hour of intensive use will be fixed quickly. Link Diagnosis is the most useful tool if you are interested in the PageRank, LinkStrength, and Moz rank of backlinks. Additionally, Link Diagnosis displays the same SEOmoz information as the paid version of the Open Site Explorer, such as the Moz rank, SEOmoz domain, and page authority. The only drawback of the tool is the slow loading time. And in some cases with a low backlinks website, no (or fewer) links will be displayed, while Link Explorer and the Open Site Explorer will give results.

In particular, if you want to quickly view and export backlinks from multiple websites, Bing Link Explorer is recommended. Want to know more about your backlinks or backlink profile with many backlinks? Then use the Link Diagnosis free tool. If you manage multiple major SEO projects, the PRO version of the Open Site Explorer is a great tool!

In addition to the three tools I've compared to this article, there are more tools available to analyze backlinks:

Google Webmaster Central

For analysis of internal and external links to your website (s)

SEO Spyglass

Paid tool to analyze backlinks

Majestic SEO Site Explorer

Returns the backlink profile using various graphs


Incoming links

Mutual exchange of links is one of the most important strategies of link building for most people. Most people understand that links are important, but they do not figure out why this is the case. In a nutshell: An incoming link to your website is traditionally seen by the search engines as a "voice" for your site. An incoming link from a subject or theme-related website is better than an incoming link from an entirely different topic. An incoming link from a relevant site also counts heavier. But, the rules have changed! Webmasters worked full of surrender to build links to influence rankings in search engines. But, Google does not approve buying incoming links and mutual linking and recently tightened the thumb screws.


Bad left

Not all links are good. Check quality score of backlinks,  If you are a company that sells cars and you have several completely unimportant links to international hotel websites. This has a very negative impact on your website! And as for "Free For All" link sites and web rings that are suicide in cyberspace! Why? Because this is a clear and completely unpredictable attempt to deceive the system!

Mutual/reciprocal links

Reciprocal links are still valuable when the link titles are explicit, and the page linking to your website has a higher page rank than the page on your website where the reciprocal link is located. The concept that a link to your page gives you a voice has a downside: a link from your website to another web page reduces the total number of votes of your site with one voice! This means that mutual links yield a minimum profit (or worse, loss) compared to single inbound link.

Unilateral outbound links

Suppose you have a website about your favorite band, and on that site, you place links to other websites about that band. Is that smart? Certainly not! You are voting right on your competing pages, and you will not get it back. You can do it, but you cannot win anything by posting links to a site that does not link back. In any event, make sure that your outbound links contain the "nofollow" attribute, so the search engines know that the outbound link is not a voice from your site to that site!

Text content of incoming links

The content of the links is critical because Google and other search engines have decided that they cannot trust you or you are honest about your website! There are two groups of webmasters - those who do not know how much it works and those that are ignorant about it. There should also be a third group that directly builds good websites with compelling content that automatically scores high in search engines, but nobody has seen in recent years. The team, who knows more than they should be aware, takes every opportunity to manipulate and dominate the search engines. This is at the expense of those who do not yet know the trick. Therefore, Google has decided that it's essential that there is an apparent correlation between what you say about your website and what another says where your site is about. This is done by referring the words in the link title of all relating to your site


Analyze incoming links

When keyword (s) NOT links to your site, you will not be credited for that keyword (s)! For many websites, this is the main reason that they have fallen noticeably in the rankings in recent months. In older sites, the majority of incoming links will be based on their company name and not services or products. So, if you sell speculates, most inbound links will have to be the word "speculates" And not just your company name, to rank high for the word "speculates"!


Backlink analysis

Backlink analysis reveals this shortcoming fairly quickly, and fortunately, it is possible to counteract this by building unilateral incoming backlinks with multiple link title combinations with a variety of relevant keywords. This requires some keyword research, and it's annoying, but if you do not, you will NOT rise in search engines. But your competitors may


How to Get More Inbound Link

Link building is one of the most important search engine optimization aspects is getting inbound links.  Now requesting links can take a lot of time and effort. But there are simpler ways! One of the ways is to compile a list. What kind of list? You can know that! The primary reason is to make a link bait. As the word suggests, it's content that's interesting enough to link to it.

Mode 1: The References List

Although this designation may not deserve a beauty award, it says exactly what it is. Create a list (page) that links to other websites (pages or blog posts) that go about a particular topic.

 See this as a start page daughter but then on your subject. It's even nicer (better) if you make a short description for every link you place.

Because not everybody has an internet marketing company, I have some ideas below for other topics/websites below:

  • Travel website:

Many people who go on holiday run against a language problem. Make a list of all holiday destinations and link them to an online travel dictionary of that language.

  • Children's clothing web shop:

The List of links to all kinds of children's attractions in the USA. Possibly with your own opinion (if you have been there of course) and what exciting attractions there are.

Computer web shop: For this category, I can list many lists. For example, you could create a list of links to articles on how to make your computer faster. Remember, the purpose of such a list should be to provide compelling content (links, resources). When the list is impressive enough, the links come naturally.

Mode 2: The manual

A method that takes a little more time but often is even more efficient is writing a manual on a given topic. Keep in mind that the handbook must be of outstanding quality! So pay close attention. Below I have listed some examples:

  • Travel website:

A guide (per country) about what the users is (culture) and how to handle it best. Or a guide on what stuff you should not forget to pack and how to handle them best.

  • Haircut:

A guide on how to make sure your hair always stays shining.

  • Computer web shop:

There are also numerous manuals for this subject. Such (qualitative) manuals can often count on many incoming links.

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