ZennoPoster Review – UPDATED 2019 – Tutorials, Captcha & More

Internet marketers from the old times may know the difficulties that existed before automation. One had to do everything on his own and it took months before he could enjoy the results. Internet marketing was a tedious, hard, slow process.

Gone are those old days thanks to the marketing automation tools introduced to save marketers from putting in a lot of time and energy into the process and wait for long to get the results.

ZennoPoster is one of the most popular SEO automation tools which offer an all-in-one solution to making internet marketing tasks easier and automated. In this article, we review this tool in details and learn how to use it to make the most of it.

ZennoPoster Review – UPDATED 2019

Intended to help coding noobs make bots without having to use any programming knowledge, ZennoPoster is basically a macro shell that can be set up to perform various tasks. It is an all-in-one tool for SEO tasks automation and you can automate any job you used to do manually on a browser.

It can work as a poster, parser, registrator, search engine scraper, social bookmarker, autoblog poster, article poster, youtube uploader, pagerank checker, account creator and much more.

ZennoPoster is an advanced solution for website administrators and if set up properly, can register on forum profiles and blogs automatically, parse websites and search engines, post on videos and blogs and upload files to services. The software offers powerful functions which let you test the load capacity of any online resource and verify its protection against bots.

Using ZennoPoster to automate tasks is simple. You just press the ‘Record’ button and perform the actions on the website. All the actions will be recorded in the form of a macro. The software has a built-in browser based on Firefox to help you create projects easily. This browser has smart page elements highlighting feature.

ZennoPoster is designed to be simple and does not require special skills to get started. It offers an intuitive drag&drop interface with no complexities to deal with. You get a familiar browser with multiple tabs and address bars to work with. Human emulation system ensures that actions performed on the websites look as if they are performed by real people. Web Page Analysis feature offers useful tools like elements highlight, objects inspector, traffic analysis and more. It has a Multi-threading capability that allows it to execute projects in a large number of threads at once.

ZennoPoster also allows creating multiple user profiles to work as a different user every time you visit the site. Powerful and effective proxychecker allows search proxies automatically. With full database support and management, it is easier to work with lists, spreadsheets and large texts. Integrated client allows working with FTP servers.

ZennoPoster Pro – How it Works?

ZennoPoster comes with a browser where you complete actions like navigating to a website, clicking button on a page, typing into a text box or anything else. The software records all the actions in the order you performed. The actions get automated within the bot as step-by-step procedures. The tool comes with a visual drag-drop interface to make this easy.

Actions can be connected to new actions to let the bot know what it should do after completing a step. You can also instruct the bot to take an action depending on the failure or success of the previous step. This makes it possible to account for complications or errors that the bot comes across and you want to implement fail-proof tasks.

ZennoPoster can easily read files stored on the computer, use variables, save data to files, do logic, implement IF…Then statements, use macros, regular expressions, proxies and spintax. It is multi-threaded and you can run multiple instances of a bot at the same time. Though it is powerful with advanced functionality, even beginners can create a successful bot within hours.

ZennoPoster Tutorial – Getting Started

Though ZennoPoster does not require any programming knowledge, it takes some time to learn using it. The first thing that anybody willing to use ZennoPoster should know is Project Maker. It is a module where you create all the projects. This system allows designing all the bots from the scratch within it. In Project Maker, you find a table named ‘Recording’. The application records all the browser-related actions when you record. You record the actions in order to train the bots.

The second thing is the ‘Variables’ tab inside the system. These are placeholders which can be created to store values. You add all your variables in the Project Maker. They affect the way your bot works. ‘Action Property’ is another section in the Project Maker where you find various options and settings for actions inside the project. You can include custom actions using this function.

A header titled ‘Play’ can be used to deploy the bot. You can either play the bot right away or create breakpoints. Using breakpoints is a good way to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Ubot Vs ZennoPoster

Ubot is another powerful automation tool that helps boost the internet marketing potential. Like ZennoPoster, Ubot does not require any knowledge of programming. It helps collect and analyze information, upload and download files, manage online accounts and do any other job you do on a browser on any website.

Both Ubot and ZennoPoster have simple, clean, drag and drop interface which makes it easier to work with. Both these tools let you create stand-alone bots which work on any computer, using just few steps and a little time.

Ubot projects can be sold or shared with others. It offers excellent support as well. On the other hand, ZennoPoster offers excellent features like Multithreading to execute projects in multiple threads simultaneously. It also offers a powerful proxychecker, web page analysis, mail client and other features to benefit from.

Ubot and ZennoPoster come with a money-back guarantee during which you can test the software for your requirements. ZennoPoster is a more affordable solution and an excellent way to build advanced bots, saving you a lot of time and money with your internet marketing tasks.