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It is becoming easier lately to use data acquired from a person’s mobile device or a computer to monitor their precise physical location. In this case, twp types of data are harvested, which are active user data and passive server-based lookup. These data are cross-referenced against each other to give an accurate location of the specific device.

With this technology, someone can deduce another person's real-time location from the information harvested from the device they are using as long as it is connected to the internet. This technology is the foundation of location-aware applications and location-positioning services.


IP location


Smartphone and computer users have continued to increase, which is the reason why we are also witnessing the number of applications available in android and iPhone application markets growing. There are varying reasons why you need the real-time location information of an individual.

Today, we present to you one of the most reliable geolocation application-IP locations that you can use and get all the information about the whereabouts of an individual using the data harvested from the devices they are using at any time of the day.

Why do you need geo location information?

Among many reasons why you need this data, different agencies and individuals need the exact location data of an individual for customization of delivered content, crime prevention, network traffic analysis, and restrictions based on geographical locations. This only shows that the IP location application can be of use to the Businesses and the law enforcement agencies.

Besides the many benefits that are brought by such applications, there are some privacy concerns and need to limit the type of information that can be gathered. Apart from that, there are some specific business benefits that you cannot miss. As a matter of fact, the business benefits of IP location are far-reaching. Many enterprises have started leveraging the benefits including those businesses in the manufacturing, financial, insurance, and delivery industries.

With the location information of all the people that accesses a particular website, the businesses can gain the below benefits.

  • Targeted advertising-The business can craft some marketing and advertising strategies that can benefit business sales from a localized point of view.
  • Delivery and reliability-Business in the fleet industry always wants to have real-time information about their field employees and the position of their trucks. This helps the business to manage their operations better and dispatch more efficiently.
  • Customization and delivery-Knowing the exact location of customers can really help a business customize their specific operations and deliver custom services to their potential customers. With that said, every business needs to harvest information about individual buyer’s locations and several other data.
  • The regulatory enforcement-Each business has some regulations that they must adhere to. In this regard, the management needs real location data of individuals as a way of E-discovery in support of litigation and enforcement.

Risk of geolocation


IP location


With someone harvesting such personal data from you, you probably have to worry about the risk factors. The risk, in this case, increases depending on what data are being harvested, who is harvesting the data, why is the data harvested, and with whom the data can be shared. 

How does IP location work? What is my IP address?

To understand this, we have to start with the basics. The Ip Location is a way of harvesting data that can help you determine the exact location of an internet-connected mobile device or a computer. To get this data, you just need a specific IP address that you can simply get. The next thing you need is IP location geolocation Lookup tool.

The IP Location app canvasses the public data, to get all the registration and contact data for that specific IP Address. To start with this tool, you just have to input the IP address into the IP location app, and you will get direct information about the location of the IP address you added.

So what is an IP address?

IP address is a personalized internet identifier that is available for every computer or mobile phone. This address has four or six numbers separated by a decimal. This address helps the devices to connect to the internet with ease. The good thing is that these IP addresses are not accessible to the outside world even though each of the devices has a specific IP address.

If you manage to get the IP address of a computer or a mobile device, you can get a wide range of information. In this case, you are likely to get the information about the Continent, Country, and the state, the city, and eventually the time zone. 

How accurate is IP address location?

I know you are now wondering whether the IP location application will give you highly accurate geolocation of the computer or a mobile device. However, you should note that the IP geolocation is not totally accurate. This depends on a number of things, including the database used to note the user location.

Through the ip location map, you will deduce someone's country, region, city, and the Latitude/Latitude. One thing you are supposed to know in this case is that this data is collected and stored in varying databases from varying registrars. Some may be very accurate in providing this data, while others may give you outdated or even incorrect data.

Though, there’s a way you can harvest more accurate data. The fact remains that the more generic data you ask for, the more benefits you are likely to get. The information about the country is more precise than that of the region or city. This is because each country is allocated a different address.

How Accurate is IP location tool? Ip geolocation accuracy


IP location


I know you already have questions about IP geolocation accuracy. IP location tool is very accurate in locating the region and the country. However, locating the region and the country is more reliable with about 99% accuracy score. However, the tool will also give you precise data about the city although some people claim it’s a bit less accurate.

In case you want to get the exact location of the person or wants to know the nearest Building or zip code, the information may not be highly reliable.

Is it legal to find someone’s IP address?

Before answering this question, I want you to understand that IP address is public information. The good thing is that the information cannot be traced to an individual by name and other personal information. However, there are greater chances of getting personal information that is posted on the internet, which keeps me thinking that it's the fault of the one that posted it. 

What can someone do with your IP address?

There is a limited number of things that someone can do with your IP address, besides tracking your real-time information using IP Location Geolocation tool, there's actually nothing else that they can use the IP for. Tracking your location will not reveal your personal information unless you have posted it on the internet, which is your fault anyway.

How do I trace an IP Address?

The process of tracing an Ip address is straightforward. At this point in time, I am going to help you trace an IP address and get their real-time location using IP location Tool. Here are the steps:

Step One

Find the IP address to track-There are several places where you can find someone's IP address, including the windows, iPhone, android platforms, and Mac. It’s also easy to get the user IP address if necessary.

Step two

After that, open the IP location website. This is a Free online tool to check the exact location of an IP address or a domain. With that, you can be able to get the exact location of any device connected to the internet as long as you have the IP address.

Step three

Now you should click the search Bar and add whatever you want to locate there. After that, press Find, and the data will be revealed as shown below.

Step four

Review the results that have been revealed. The IP location tool will actually reveal things, including the IP address, the Internet provider, and the city where you are at the device is in real-time. To get more information, you can click More and end up getting more information about the specific IP address. That shows you how to track IP address exact location with IP location with ease.

What are the benefits of Using the IP location geolocation tool?

Now that we have shared a simple method of finding the exact location of an IP address, you are wondering what puts this tool in a special place compared to the rest. For that matter, we will take this moment to explain all the features that sets this tool aside.

  • Locate your phone-Have you just lost your phone and want to know where the phone is in real-time? If yes, then you can use the IP location tool to locate where the phone is. This is one main feature of this tool.
  • Locate IP addresses-This is what I was showing you how to do it. The tool helps you to find the exact location of an IP address at any time of the day. You just need the IP address, and after that, everything will move as expected. This means that you can track a specific IP address location at the time of need.
  • With IP location, it’s easy to find Ip location on the map. This is the reason why it’s regarded as the best IP address tracker. You locate the exact location of an individual IP address in the map to be able to closely note where the IP address is located.
  • It’s an exact location Finder-Now that you have interests in knowing the exact location of an IP address, do you know with IP location it’s very easy to track IP address exact location? You will get all this information on your mobile phone or a computer at any time of the day.

Can You track a phone with an IP address?

It's very easy to track the IP address of the mobile phone using IP location. In the unfortunate event that your phone was stolen, you should work closely with the police to provide the IP addresses and help them locate the phone.

With the use of Geolocation Tools such as IP location, the authorities will trace the exact location of the phone. This is the case when you don’t know where the phone is. In this case, you can use the android or iPhone geolocation tools to attempt and know the exact location of the phone.

The same way people use a phone number to know the exact location of an individual and the company that issued the number, you can use the IP address to know where the phone is in real-time. The first thing to do here is to get the phone's IP address. In case the worse happens and you don't have the phone with you, it may be very difficult to get its IP address. a

One of the many ways of tracking a phone with its ip address is to access the services where the phone is loged into. These include emails, media streaming services, and social media platforms. This way, you can be able to notice where the phone is used from.

How can I find the IP address of my android phone?

There are several ways you can get a phone’s IP address. One of these ways is to go to settings>About> status. After this point, your phone’s IP address will be displayed. This will be displayed together with other information such as WI-FI MAC addresses and IMEI Numbers. The other way is to get public IP addresses from mobile service providers.

Track IP address exact location

It’s now very easy to track the exact location of an IP address using IP location Geolocation tool. The steps are explained above. However, you should have the exact IP address that you want to locate the location. After this, you should go to IP location on your browser and input the IP address on the search bar. After this, press Find, and you will have all the information about the exact location of the IP address. 

IP address tracker

Are you wondering if there are some IP address trackers that can work for you? Yes, there are a couple of such tools but the best of all today is IP Location Geolocation Tool. This tool helps you get the exact location of an Ip address and domain with ease. This tool is not complicated, and the process of getting the locations and additional data is very simple.

How do you trace a website?

To trace a website, you, first of all, have to trace the IP address of that specific website. With that information, you should browse Iplocation geolocation tool and search the domain name or the IP address of that specific website. That will be simple, and you are likely to get all the information about the website and the exact location. 

How to find the location using IP address?

The process of finding the location of an IP address has been made easier with the current trend in technology. To do this, you just need the IP address of the specific device which you can easily get from the Settings. The second thing you need is a Geolocation tool such as IP location. You just have to get to the website’s home page and type the IP address that you want to trace on the search bar. After that, press Find, and you will have all the information about the exact location of the IP address. This is the information about the Region/country, city, and the exact latitudes and longitudes.

Can you find out someone’s address from their IP?

Yes, actually, it’s very easy provided you know their IP address. With the address, you have all the information you need from the latitudes and longitudes, region, country, city, and other relevant information. This sounds easy but will only work when using a reliable geolocation tool such as IP location. 

Best Ip geolocation

There are several geolocation tools that you can use to find the exact location of an IP address or a domain. Though, most of them don't work effectively a reason why most people end up scammed and regretting their actions. However, the use of IP location geolocation tool has proven to be the best decision to make. The tool is free to use and gives you accurate and highly reliable data.

The information provided above helps you make an informed decision when you want to track the exact location of an IP address. It’s also a guide on how you can use IP location geolocation app to trace the location of an IP address for free today.