SERPLify Review – UPDATED 2018 – A Complete Analysis

Serplify is a highly efficient and intelligent suite of software which claims to help you get your site ranked on the first page of Google for a large number of selected keywords. It is basically an automation solution aimed at making it easier to build and structure websites. You provide a niche and keyword to the tool and it will create a silo structured website for you. Serplify has a set of SEO tools that get your website ranked higher on search results. It also has the ability to turn your site into a local website that you can use for your business or for rental. The software actually helps you make money online through local marketing.

Today, we review SERPLify taking a closer look at the features, offerings, advantages and disadvantages of the tool.

SERPLify Review – Features and Benefits

Here are some of the outstanding features of SERPLify:

Silo Structure

Many of us would not know the importance of a website structure for page ranking on Google. Search engines tend to prioritize pages with clear and organized structure as such pages are easier to read. Google looks for a silo structure in any website to rank it on the first pages. Serplify is designed to arrange your website elements in a silo structure with much less effort. In just few clicks, you can get your site closer to getting high ranking.

Site Localization

This feature makes Serplify different from others. A website and posts specific to location are perfect for local businesses as they can attract customers easily in a local. Serplify lets you set your geolocation to let the search engine and users know that your business is the best in the area. With just few clicks, you can add location data to all your posts with Serplify.

Website Optimization

Serplify comes with an integrated content creator having SEO-friendly features. You just need to enter the information and the tool will automatically generate different unique contents having long-tail keywords and location. Serplify will also post on the site from multiple user accounts to impart diversity. These factors are taken into consideration by Google when ranking websites. Optimizing a website is not easy and can take much effort and time. But with Serplify, it is made easier as just a matter of some information input.

Ranking for Long-Tail Keywords

Many times, we would want to rank the long-tail keywords and we all know that it is never an easy task. Serplify takes the worry out of arranging the keywords in the right context. It is an excellent tool that ranks keywords as you desire and with complete automation.

Site Renting

Apart from building websites and working on their ranking, Serplify offers the ideal renting for your site. You get a license to put your site for rent at any charge you want and keep the entire profit you earn from renting.

Higher Rankings

With Serplify, ranking the website on the first page of the search engine becomes much easier. It eliminates all the manual processes of ranking and gives your website the highest possible rank. Regardless of the niche, the tool keeps working to get huge exposure to your business on the internet.

SERPLify Deluxe

Deluxe is SERPLify’s unique prospecting tool that unlocks additional features of the software allowing you to create unlimited sites without any restrictions. You also get the rights to create sites for your clients with this software. Not only this, you get Serplify Reseller License using which your customers can sell access to Serplify to their clients and keep all the profit they earn.

Serplify Deluxe gives you access to a detailed training course on writing for the web in such a way that converts visitors into leads and sales by large. It also gives access to Full Live Training Webinar where you learn the latest tricks, strategies, tips and techniques to get started with the tool.

Another thing included with the Serplify Deluxe subscription is a set of special gifts including exclusive access to super powerful resources, training materials, private mastermind and trade secrets never before revealed to the public.

SERPLify with SEOProcessor

SEOProcessor is an SEO plugin that provides optimum clarity on your WordPress sites with numerous optimization and customization features aimed at controlling SEO easily. SERPLify connects and works in co-ordination with SEOProcessor to improve the search engine ranking of websites for targeted keywords. It builds unique, optimized websites, creates local pages, syndicates the pages automatically, gets thousands of instant backlinks, creates unique versions of local pages and integrates monetization of the local pages created. All this means you can use Serplify with SEOProcessor to get unlimited Google traffic.

SERPLify Pricing

The basic version of SERPLify costs $47 for the first two days after which the price increases according to the package selected.

Serplify Front End – This version costs $47 and offers access to all the basic features of the tool.

Serplify Academy – Upgrading to this version can cost you from $67 to $97 and includes complete training on building, ranking and making money from local SEO sites. You can access live Q&A sessions and webinars with this purchase.

Serplify Deluxe – Upgrading from front-end to Deluxe version can cost either $47 per month or $67 for six months. The upgrade provides additional features to be able to create unlimited websites without any limitations.

Serplify Commercial License – This version costs $197 and allows making money online by selling license keys and built sites.


  • Instantly builds unique sites
  • Ability to select multiple locations for ranking
  • Schedule content to be added to the sites
  • Rapid indexing boosts rankings
  • Relevant images and videos accessible
  • Multiple versions to choose from
  • A lot of bonus features with each plan


  • Support respond time is somewhat slow
  • Content can be outranked by more experienced competitors


SERPLify is a powerful marketing tool that online marketers and businesses will need. It also works as a business model and allows creating high-quality websites that you can sell and enjoy high profits. Fully automated, easy to use tool makes sure you can spike your business without any prior technical expertise or designing experience.