Scroll Rate & Depth for SEO – Scroll Depth Benchmark

With the advent of technology and the popularity of content marketing inclusive of blogs, videos, infographics and many more there is overflow of new content from various sources. Data is everything these days. With adequate information at your hands you are capable of delivering what your readers/viewers want just in a few words. Reduction in attention span of users in the past few years promotes you to create content specific to what’s needed or desired or receives more attention.

Scroll Rate

To track how effective your content is there are many options available such as bounce rate, pages per visit etc. But have you heard about Page Scroll Rate or Page Scroll Depth?

To measure how much your viewers are engaging themselves with the content provided by just looking at the number of shares or likes is not enough with these you cannot really know if they have gone through the complete article or seen your entire page. Reading itself needs time and engages you in more than normal ways, you learn, your entertained and you enjoy. Whereas sharing something or giving a like is just a click away which not necessarily keeps your viewers engaged to your content thoroughly.

Scroll Rate & Scroll Depth – Why They’re Important?

By tracking scroll time and depth, you have an idea about how much your visitors are actually reading, how much time they are giving and how much they are able to engage themselves with the content provided by you. Not just that you also get to know whether they hung around or clicked on a more appealing marketing post and left.

When you know that 20% of your viewers read all the content and 60% of them read only half of it you know better what to give them and what not to. You can then add up things to pull them down from half to the complete page or anything else to bring them towards the end of the page.

If any of your post is having an average reading depth of about 90% then it’s very clear what your readers are looking for and it becomes very easy for you to create more quality content based on the results of what they love to read.

Average Scroll Depth

If readers are exiting at a particular part of the page, then look for the reason of such behavior and work on it.

Having all this data not only makes your life simpler but also gives you a better idea to develop and be more creative with your content. With loads of information and loads of content flowing from all sides it’s very important to entertain your viewers with the kind of content they wish you see.

How To Setup Scroll Depth In Google Analytics?

An extremely easy ready to use plug in is available for Google Analytics or Universal Analytics. After installing the plug in just go to “Content Analytics Module”. Just start recording the campaign and your good to go. After which just wait for some readers to come in and go through your content. When the plugin is done with recording the scroll depth of all the readers you can easily view the report.

Ensuring that your hard work is being recognized by others is very important. If you see that 20% of your readers do not read your blog completely then it’s time for you to reconsider the length of your content.

Monitoring your viewers behavior with the help of scroll depth analysis is a great way to enhance your and their engagement with the content being provided. It gives you a better idea of how much and in what ways to represent your content and its reception among the ones who utilize it.