Senuke TNG Review – Does It Still Work?


Being on the first page of the Google results is what every internet marketer wants because it is the key to increased traffic and sales. We all know that getting high-quality, relevant backlinks is an effective way to improve search engine position. Senuke TNG, released in 2016, is one of the most popular SEO tools designed to make building backlinks much easier. It was the first ever tool to utilize crowd-sourcing for high search engine rankings and many marketing pros use this service to gain high-quality backlinks in less time. By using the right strategy with Senuke TNG, you can improve your content’s ranking with methods like keyword searches, captcha solving, proxies and others.

Today, we review the SEO tool in detail and consider its features, pros, cons and pricing. Read on to find out what you can expect from this tool and how you can get started with it.

Senuke TNG Review – Features and Benefits

Keyword Searching – Through keyword search, Senuke TNG helps you get a large number of visitors clicking on your website. It uses AI to place the keywords contextually within the articles, increasing the chances of your content appearing in users’ searches.

Free Captcha Solving – You can benefit from the Optical Character Recognition tool of Senuke with the help of this feature. It is capable of solving any captcha automatically.

Proxies – Senuke TNG is designed to provide millions of proxies stimulating real people. This eliminates the need to pay for external proxies.

Link-Building – Senuke TNG builds your links automatically with a single campaign. The best thing is that the process continues forever unless you stop it.

Macro Recorder – You can get links from the websites you want without having to code anything. Senuke TNG uses the macro recorder to do it for you.

Money Back Guarantee – The tool comes with a free trial of 30 days during which you can try the software and find out if it works for you. If at the end of the trial period, you are not satisfied with the results, you can cancel the subscription and get your money back without any questions asked.

Crowd Searcher – Acting as a simulator, this feature simulates people looking for a specific keyword and clicking on your website.

Super Fast Turbo Wizard – The newly added Turbo Wizard feature of Senuke TNG allows you to set up a complex SEO campaign even if you do not have any knowledge of SEO.

Senuke TNG Pricing

Senuke TNG is available in two different versions to choose from. Both the packages offer a risk-free trial period of 7 days. Senuke TNG Lite is priced at $67 per month. This version gives access to standard features like Niche Research, Social Network and Premium Social Network. The Senuke TNG Pro version costs $147 per month and offers complete access to all the premium features as well as the features of the Lite version. Users can benefit from Proxies, 30-second Turbo Wizard, Unlimited Captcha Solving, Crowd Search and Wizard and Diagram Designer. There is one more pricing option that allows installing Senuke TNG Pro on a single machine for just $97 per month.

Senuke TNG VPS

To avail double the benefit of Senuke TNG tool, you should combine a VPS with Senuke TNG. The combination lets you create a powerful SEO campaign ready to beat the competition.

Scrapebox Senuke VPS – The ideal solution for beginners and professional marketers alike, this VPS is loaded with all the tools, link lists, support and tutorials. You no longer need to use your bandwidth as the VPS offers unlimited bandwidth so that your software runs continuously. Scrapebox Senuke VPS tool gives you access to web scraping tools, SEO crawlers, SEO optimization tools, social media tools, content spinning tools, captcha service and much more.

Senuke VPS is ideal for private businesses and link building. The service guarantees 100% uptime. The SEO tool would keep running even if you are disconnected and you run your Senuke TNG 24/7 with the VPS.

Senuke TNG Tutorial – Getting Started

The interface of Senuke TNG software is quite easy to use and comprehensive. The menu at the left allows creating new campaigns and projects. You can find all the options under the New menu – RSS project, article directories, social bookmarks and more. You can use the proxy tab to import any private proxies you have. The next step is activating the captcha service. Tick the auto-captcha solving box while leaving other options as default.

Let us see how you can use each Senuke TNG feature.

Social Bookmarking

To create a social bookmarking campaign

  • Click on New and select Social Bookmarking and enter the required information
  • In the box, enter the URLs to bookmark, the titles, tags and descriptions
  • Select the sites you want to submit the content to
  • Click on Start to have the tool create bookmarks for you

Crowd Searcher

Senuke TNG features Crowd Searcher to simulate searches for your choice of keyword and clicks to your website. It stays on your page for the time you set up. This increases your engagement rate and click through rate, thus boosting your keyword ranking on search engines.

Here is a tutorial on using Crowd Searcher:

  1. The interface being self-explanatory, everything is quite simple. Ensure that you choose a big range for a number of searches per day and speed. Depending on the criteria you set, each search will be random.
  2. Once you press the save button, it queues up and will start running.

It works pretty much like a real person searching on Google. It goes to Google and types the keyword you specified at various speeds every time and different browsers. It then looks through the result and if it does not find your site on the first page, it goes to the next until it finds it.

SEO Wizard & Turbo Wizard

The SEO Wizard allows creating a professional quality SEO campaign in a couple of minutes. You simply need to drag projects from the left panel into the main panel to connect them. You can select from templates to build your backlinks. Hit the create button to start setting up your keywords and links. You get options to enter primary and secondary keywords. Next, you can set up primary and secondary URLs. The next step involves setting up some common settings like Auto-Generate, Title, Categories, Keywords, etc. Now you can start importing any content you have created previously.

You can then either spin preview to see the article or move forward to scheduling settings. You can even get suggestion from Senuke about the optimal number of days to run the campaign for. The SEO campaign is now set up successfully with a large number of project types and backlinks.

Turbo Wizard does the same thing but faster than SEO Wizard. One can use this feature to create a full SEO campaign in just one minute.

Article Manager

The latest update of Senuke TNG has made a shift from single campaign to multiple campaign basis allowing you to run multiple campaigns at the same time. The new release of the tool allows separating articles from the campaign. You can link one campaign to multiple articles and an article can be linked to multiple campaigns. It allows choosing from various types of article sources. For building tier 1 high-quality links, it is advisable to select a paid service for better quality. Senuke also provides numerous ways to insert links and images into the article.

Creating a Campaign with Senuke TNG:

The steps to creating a new campaign are pretty simple and straightforward:

  1. Click on create new template option to add a new content source to the campaign. Enter the name of the campaign reflecting the quality of backlinks and the content.
  2. The next step is entering the author name and bio. You can either type and spin it to create multiple versions or let the tool generate it automatically.
  3. Next, configure the way you like the links to be inserted into the articles. Keyword and contextual links work the best for tier one links.
  4. Insert some images from free sites.
  5. Save it and you are done.