7 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools

I must confess… I used to be one of the Ahrefs users for a while when doing the keywords rank tracking analysis. However, after the service announced the termination of offering this very functionality, I was forced to go for a hunt and research the solutions that would do the job in the best possible way. Let’s have a closer look at what I’ve managed to dig out.



This tool is quite popular with the SEO specialists. To do the research, you’d need to:


  1. Enter the domain(s) you wish to track,
  2. Specify a city or postal code for the chosen domain,
  3. Set the type of device you’d like to target.




  • ability to track keywords within certain areas,
  • chance to draw a comparison between the competitors,
  • graphs that display an average rank for the researched keywords, including any changes,
  • daily/weekly/monthly reports that you can receive on a recurring basis.




This is probably one of my favorites. The service is an all-in-one solution, and it’s a real time-saver.

To do the keyword rank analysis, you’d only need to enter the domain you wish to research, specify the search engine and click the Search button. Voila, all the required data are at hand. Check it out!




  • rank tracking on both global & local levels, including subdomains and the main website,

  • selecting keywords (your site is not yet ranked for) from the list of Serpstat suggestions, or uploading a previously created .CSV file,

  • running a market share analysis for the ranked keywords,

  • tracking industry-specific search traffic distribution of the selected keywords,

  • ability to overview rankings flux in top-10 results,

  • running keyword rankings as per schedule,

  • ability to share access to the project with the colleagues/clients,

  • rank tracking reports,

  • user-friendly UX, and more.



As you can see, the prices are highly compatible and affordable. Thumb up for the well-thought pricing strategy, and service!



This tool is extremely easy to use and allows tracking both site and keyword rankings.

You’ll be able to:


  • estimate the keyword’s position,
  • see the number of impressions,
  • track the number of keywords.


However, when it comes to keywords rank analysis, the offered functionality can be not enough for in-depth keywords analysis.




  • intuitive user experience,
  • free of charge.


Pricing: free

4.   SEMrush



SEMrush is certainly a keyword tracking tool worth considering. It allows doing complex research on the national, regional, and local levels.




  • daily updates of the database,
  • ability to analyze the competitors’ keyword rankings,
  • competitors’ discovery feature to see the top 100 local competitors in Google),
  • ranking overview,
  • ability to create PDF reports and export data.



Though the platform claims itself to be extremely easy to use, it’d certainly better suite those who know SEO inside out.

However, when it comes to keywords rank research, I find the functionality a little limited.




  • easily available KPIs,
  • keyword ideas,
  • competitors’ overview,
  • ability to analyze social signals and backlinks.






The tool is mostly about online rankings. However, it does offer some keyword rank tracking options. With the help of specific graphs, you will be able to spot Google updates, track the competitors and take action before the competitors literally have the jump on you.




The tracking system that is easy to use.




This tool offers 100% guarantee to display solely accurate keyword rank results. Additionally, it runs the analysis both on hand-held devices and Google maps.




  • ability to track keywords of 10 competitors,
  • app available to download from Google Play and Apple App Store,
  • keyword grouping,
  • reports and white label, and more.



Bottom Line

Hopefully, now you’ve got a clear idea about the available keyword rank tracking tools that are available today on the market. Most of them offer a great pool of features to use. The only thing left is to decide for yourself which of these tools compliment your business (and budget) requirements to the full. This will let you create a more SEO-friendly content, and get your site get ranked higher in the SERPs.