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Google Index

This is something that has the same features as the regular index in a library. The format is such that follows the system of a library. Look at it this way: in a library, the information about the various books available are listed. In that same vein, google indexed pages checker is a list of the various pages Google has information about.

For that to happen, Google makes a regular visit to the various website available and use it to update their information. So, if you create a new one or update the old one, they will be indexed. For your website to be seen among any search result, they must be included in the Google Index.


Google Index Checker

Google Index Checker is an API used to detect your website in the Google index list. Sometimes Google bots crawl through some pages and still not index them. The problem is not the number of time you have tweaked or created the right page for you to be at the top of search results.  The problem is indexation. If you can right use the right Google index checker, you have a higher chance of springing to the top.




Why Do You Need Your Page Indexed Correctly?

Although you might have gotten some ideas of the reasons for indexing, you will come to notice that things are always intertwined in the case of Google; yet, one must ensure he or she does things differently to get a result that is extremely different from what has been known to be the regular way of doing things. When Google needs to index your page or those any other person, they make use of what is referred to as 'crawlers', which have the function of analysing the various web pages they encounter and give them the right ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) using the relevance as another factor. When Google crawlers go through a website, they build a sort of repository of your website google indexed pages checker

A good way to look at this is like you being a wine taster. As a wine taster, who has been laden with the responsibility of giving people the right taste, you will ensure that you remember their taste and still not be drunk. And the only way to achieve this is by spitting them out continuously. As the taster, you will ensure you remember each of the flavours so that you will be able to give ample information about the flavour in the future. For you to do this successfully, you will have to remember the taste as well as the aroma and any other vital information required to help you achieve your goal.

So, if Google crawlers do not index your website in the right way you have a higher chance of facing the following problems

  1. Being Left Out In All Search Results: There is every likelihood that your page will not be shown among the various websites that can be found across the internet and that will be detrimental to your work on the internet. The implication is that you will not be shown in any type of search result such that relevant ones or the organic traffic will not be directed at you.
  2. Losing The Chance To Get Potential Clients: Another problem is that you will lose the chance to meet potential clients. Since your website will have to be faced with the problem of being off the radar, a lot of people will not even stumble on it. Consequently, these people will be directed to your competitors.
  3. You Will Work For No One: If Google doesn't index your website, you're almost wasting your time as you will get little to no view and that will really affect the things you do. You will feel frustrated and might laze about the things you do because you are not getting the right view.
  4. You Will Keep Losing To Your Competitors: If your website is not indexed, you will not be ranked higher and, by that way, you are giving your competitor an edge over you because in that way they have gone through the means that is needed for them to stay on top and have succeeded in beating you to it.
  5. A Means To Learn How Others Are Doing It: When you know your status, you might even use that means to learn about the pages of your competitors.


Why You Need Google Index Checker

google indexed pages checker is the next question that should be reverberating in your mind is the question of why do you need one. There are various means of checking your page. You can quickly start checking each page titles on Google yourself. Find below the reasons you need one:


  1. The Stress of Searching for It Yourself: To start logging into your website, copying the URL or copy the topic of that page to search for it on Google will see you stressing yourself because even if was indexed the ranking might even below and in that way you're missing a lot.

However, when you use the Google Index checker, you have the chance to get all these done for you without much stress.

  1. You Will Get to Know How To Improve It: Seeing the result will spur you to the necessary things that will make you shoot up in the reality that is called the SERP. If the crawler had refused to see your webpage, you will get the chance to find a lasting solution to this problem. Hence, the need to use a Google Index Checker.
  2. You Get To Know The Amount of Pages Indexed: This is another important feature. While you might assume all the pages are indexed, you will get the total amount of pages indexed when you use Google Index Checker.


How To Use The Google Index Checkers

To be sure your website is indexed right all you need to do is to:

  • Visit the website that does it such Website Seo Checker.
  • Enter the URL of the page you need to be informed. Don't worry, you don't need to copy and paste the URLs of all the pages on your website. It will present the result to you, showing the number of pages you have and the number of such pages that have been indexed.


How To Be Indexed in Google Search

For the reasons listed above and the various ones that were hinted, there is a need to be indexed for google search, yet you might have tried some methods that are not worth it and have a need to see it work in the right way, this is what you should do.

  1. Register It In Google Console: When you register your website, your page will surely be indexed because you have given Google bot the chance to search your website itself. It will crawl through your website and index all the pages that are yet to be indexed.
  2. Internal Links: This is another way you can make your website get indexed. It will be easy for you to create the path for Google crawlers. They follow the paths of links and would quickly see your other pages when you index them.
  3. Prevent Google Crawler from Indexing Poor Pages: Some pages are not performing well but are still useful for people that come visiting. Then, you need to prevent them from being seen by:
  • Setting It to NOINDEX: You can go to Google console to set it to NOINDex
  • Blocking It Through Crawl: You can do this by using Robot.txt file which will help you stop the crawler from getting to the page.


  1. Add The Page To Your Sitemap: Another thing you can do is to add it to your sitemap, which is the guide that aid search engines in having a full grasp of the importance of the various website on your website. There are various ways of doing this but if you use Wordpress, all you need is a plugin.
  2. Share Your Page On Twitter: When you share your information on Twitter, you have a chance of being indexed because Google crawl through twitter regularly. It will nudge Google into noticing the page.
  3. Use High Traffic Websites: There are various websites that get a higher traffic and would be useful in giving you the indexing you need to ensure your page is noticed. Some examples of websites you can use are Reddit and Quora. It is advisable to publish new pages on Quora. Doing so, will not only help you get indexed but it will also get you a lot of traffic.
  4. Get External Links: Work with other websites to create the indexation you need for your website. External links have the means of giving your website the links needed for Google crawlers to search get a hint of your information.

One way to do this is by guest posting regularly on your website.

  1. "Ping" Your Website: Another thing you can do is to ping your website. This will make Google crawler become aware of your new page. Hence, it will be easy for your page to be indexed within a short while of being created.


Google Indexed pages

If you plan on submitting your website to Google, then you must connect to the Add/Update a URL and register by completing a form that will ask for your home page address as well as a brief description of the website.

The description can be added in the comments field and then click the "ADD" button to submit your website to Google search engines.
You can also submit a site to other search engines such as Bing or yahoo by linking the page of a Microsoft search engine and typing the address of your own website in the text field.
Google Indexed Pages are not the backlinks which point to you website but they give some weight to your website can detect by any tool as MajesticSeo Trust Flow or Ahrefs
Then enter the captcha code in the security box and submit your URL to index on Bing and yahoo.

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