Wix SEO 2019 – Does Wix Work For SEO? A Complete Guide

Search Engine Optimization is critical for online success. With more than 200 million active websites today, it is important to stand out to beat the competition. If you don’t go the extra mile in attracting the audience, you might get lost in the storm of web pages and will never be seen again. A large number of businesses choose the user-friendly content management platform, Wix to build their website using a drag and drop functionality.

Wix lets you create beautiful looking websites quickly but is it any good for SEO? Back in 2016, Wix was a complete no for those who wanted search engine visibility. However, things are improving in terms of Wix’s SEO potential. In this article, we discuss whether Wix works for SEO and the sites created with Wix are SEO friendly.

Wix SEO 2019 – A Complete Guide

Wix is an excellent free site builder for those businesses that want a beautiful looking website without having to use any technical knowledge. However, we all know that the prettiest site in the world is invaluable if it cannot be found. This is where we need to talk about the SEO aspects of Wix. The good news is that Wix has worked over the past years to catch up to competitors like Weebly and WordPress and has overcome its SEO limitations.

Today, it boasts a number of SEO features which are easy and practical to use. Websites built using Wix find no problem ranking on the top of the search engine results. This makes Wix a great fit for blogs, small businesses and personal sites. Wix SEO is a neat fit for bloggers and website owners as it covers the basics and offers an ease of use that allows focusing on your content. With Wix, SEO is not just for techies, it can be done by anybody.

Does Wix SEO Work?

Wix SEO Wiz is a comprehensive program designed to help improve your Wix website’s SEO by helping you through each step. It guides you on boosting your online presence by highlighting your site’s weak points and suggesting improvements. SEO Wiz begins with the keyword module to find the most effective keywords for the website.

It asks questions like how you want people to search for you on Google. It then analyzes your keywords to let you use the best ones for each page. The most important advantage of Wix site builder is its ease of use which applies to SEO as well. Wix has all the basic SEO functionality built-in along with some advanced ones.

It takes care of SEO aspects like meta title, meta description, headings, custom URLs, image alt text, sitemap, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Canonical tags and structured data for each of your Wix pages. Sites are quick loading and reliable with good uptime. They are also mobile friendly and crawlable by mobile search engines. It also offers a built-in social media integration for users interested in sharing content on other networks.

A major strength of Wix is that it lets you build the website around your content. One of the best ways to succeed in search results is to be useful and relevant. This is why Wix websites perform well for SEO.

Are Wix Websites SEO Friendly?

In the past, Wix had some SEO problems like poor URL structure, lightbox URL problem, no image descriptions and Google bots inability to crawl Wix hosted websites. The issue was a result of the use of AJAX and Javascript to create web pages. Google initially had problems scanning Wix websites and they were ranked poorly.

The issue has been resolved as proven by a large number of Wix sites which rank on the top of the search results. Wix has upgraded its AJAX code and it utilizes HTML code more intelligently in the header. These changes render better SEO results for Wix websites. Wix creates a website keeping the Google guidelines in mind.

So, if you create a content that is valuable and relevant for the target audience and accessible to search engines, Google will definitely crawl and index the website and even rank within the niche to give you a chance to outrank the competitors.

Wix Sitemap

Every Wix website has a sitemap that helps get the content recognized by search engines. This sitemap is generated dynamically on the Wix server and is always up-to-date with pages which are added or removed from the site. A sitemap is an outline of how visitors on the site will navigate through pages.

Google technically crawls through your site page by page in order to identify keywords and relevant content, a well-designed sitemap can help your website get ranked higher in search results. The sitemap works with SEO to help increase your visibility, making it easier for users to access information on your Wix website. You can submit a Wix sitemap directly to Google.

Wix Google Verification

Google Search Console is a free tool for website owners designed to help find the best SEO strategy to promote the site and increase the traffic. To connect your Wix website to the Google Search Console, you should confirm that you own your website and domain. This process is called Wix Google Verification is somewhat technical but is quite simple.

You can do it manually for the Wix website in a few simple steps using your Wix account and GSC. Another alternative is to use the Wix SEO Wiz to automatically verify with the console. You can connect the website to a personalized domain to get a strong SEO boost and enjoy a super easy verification process.

According to Google, Wix SEO Wiz is a cool experience because users can see their pages on search results immediately as they create them.


Wix is amazing if you are not comfortable with SEO. The built-in support and guidance make it an excellent way to learn the basics while advanced techniques can be used once you are comfortable. The free trial of Wix includes all the basic SEO features to get a feel of what it offers. You can create beautiful sites with Wix and you can really rank well with Wix.