Laravel SEO Optimization – UPDATED 2019 – SEO For Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework to develop web applications. An expressive and elegant syntax that eases common tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching used in developing web projects.

Help you build attractive yet purposeful websites for all your business needs. Its aim is to make development process a pleasing one for any developer without sacrificing application functionality. It is accessible and powerful providing tools for large and robust applications.

Very popular among developers because of its rapid development capabilities. A very good platform for big projects. A very trust worthy platform for better and functional websites.

Laravel SEO Optimization – What You Should Know?

Made to strengthen security and speed up database migration without loss of any data it makes the entire process of creating a web application a much easier process. Having several benefits below mentioned features makes Laravel the best among the best.

  1. Authentication and authorization system build up: it’s necessary to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to secured/paid resources. Laravel makes implementation authentication very simple.
  2. Mail services integration: easy to send notifications via email to all the users. Additionally, it also supports sending notifications across a variety of channels such as SMS and slack.
  3. Tool integration for faster creation of web applications supports popular cache backends like Memcached and Redis out-of-the-box. It’s even possible to configure multiple cache configuration with Laravel.
  4. Fixing of the most common technical vulnerabilities: SQL injection, cross site request forgery, etc. are all very notorious. With Laravel you can protect you web application against the most serious security risks.
  5. Configuration error and exception handling: handling of errors by a software application has an impact on user satisfaction and its own usability. It’s very important to notify and inform users about the errors being encountered while entering any sort of data.

    Without proper error handling user may switch and move away from the application. With Laravel error and exception handling is already configured for any new project.

  6. Automation of testing work: a convenient helper method which allows for expressive testing of applications providing easy ways of user behaviour stimulation. Being less time consuming compared to manual testing in many cases it is more exact over manual.
  7. URL routing configuration: a very simple and expressive method of defining routes via Laravel URI and a closure.
  8. Separation of business logic code and presentation code: being an MVC framework it comes with the separation which helps Html layout designers to change appearance of a web page easily without interacting with developers.
  9. Message queue system configuration: by deferring any time consuming process such as sending an e-mail, until a later time drastically speeds up web requests to your web application.
  10. Scheduling tasks configuration and management: Laravel command scheduler allows fluent and detailed defining of command schedule.

Laravel SEO Helper – Getting Started

Before getting started with how do SEO for a Laravel website first let us see what are the factors that you should keep in mind to as a developer.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization a process of getting traffic or increasing traffic to your website by organic search engine results. Any URL plays an important role in getting you found on the world wide web. Take a look on the factors that various search engines like Google use to evaluate your website.

  1. Website speed – A fast website with a load time of less than 2 seconds. No one wants to wait forever for any sort of content to load. As a developer do test your web application for speed and optimize if required.
  2. Social Media Statistics – If you like something you would definitely share it on all sorts of social media. This highly shared content works as a stamp of approval for search engines. Hence including tools in your website that enables easy sharing of content by visitors will be highly beneficial.
  3. Responsive Design – Ensure proper display on all platforms like mobiles, desktop, tablets, etc. As user experience matters a lot when it comes to search engines. Mobile devices have a significant market share of internet these days. So, ensure proper display everywhere.
  4. Keywords – When querying millions of indexed websites any search engine will look for keywords hence provide meta description, title tags, etc. that content writers can use to place keywords.
  5. Website URLs – A keyword rich URL in which words are separated by dashes not underscore.

With SEO, you can get your website in front of millions of potential visitors from across the world. If aiming for higher ranks, then it becomes essential for you to utilize the techniques mentioned above. Being a small service provider or a giant one by utilizing these methods you can definitely aim for higher rank and traffic.