SEO OF YouTube – How to check and rank

SEO Of YouTube – How to check and rank


YouTube SERP tracking lets you monitor the position of your video whenever users search for the specific videos through keywords on YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine attracts a lot of visitors. It is therefore not a good idea to ignore this large source of potential users for business promotion. If you own a website having visual content in the form of videos, it is beneficial to analyze the performance of these videos in reaching out to the target audience. By tracking your video’s rank on the YouTube search result, you get to know whether it is ranking good enough to reach the maximum number of interested users.

Just like SERP Rank Tracker services, there are some dedicated tools for YouTube SERP Rank Checking designed to help you track your video’s ranking on YouTube search results. Today, we look at some of the best free YouTube SERP Checker tools.


A highly efficient YouTube SERP tracking tool, YTCockpit allows finding keywords with a respectable search volume. Not only do you find your current ranking on YouTube but also get to know how easy or difficult it is to rank for the keywords considering the competition. The tool also shows you the minimum and the maximum number of views on the first page of the search results. The results can help you plan your content and tagging based on the keywords which users are searching for and thus improve your SEO and visibility.

YTCockpit is powerful enough to analyze hundreds of videos at a time. It gathers information from Google Adwords and YouTube Suggest and delivers fast and reliable results. You receive information about your competitors on the first page of YouTube automatically for the keyword searched. You can filter and sort the results as required.

With each keyword research, you get comprehensive data which you can easily filter and segment depending on your requirements and niche. You also get keyword opportunities in the form of suggested keywords which have the potential for good ranking.

YTCockpit offers a free trial period of 30 days. Packages start at $19 per month for personal use, allowing 10 keyword searches per day.


A powerful yet free YouTube Rank Tracking tool, YTRank allows entering any number of keywords and also lets you pick a country to check from. It is a fast, accurate tool which returns your video’s ranking on YouTube in a few simple steps. To start tracking your YouTube video ranking, you need information like –

URL of the video – The rank tracker works for all the YouTube URLs. You can enter a YouTube video link.

Keywords – A specific keyword or a list of keywords separated by a comma. The tool processes five keywords at a time.

Country – The tool facilitates getting YouTube rank for specific countries as search results vary for users living in different countries.

Once you specify these details, you can start tracking the YouTube search ranking of your video. The tool offers an intuitive interface that allows easy tracking of YouTube video rank.

The YouTube Rank Checker is an effective web-based service that instantly checks the video rank for specified keywords on YouTube. Considering the fact that the positioning of videos in search results can affect the traffic a lot, this tool serves the purpose of letting you know where your video is placed for targeted keywords.

YTRank is a free online tool that can be used to track YouTube video ranking for any number of times without any limitations.

Rank Ranger

Rank Tracker tool from Rank Ranger allows the users to monitor the daily keyword ranking of videos on YouTube and Google’s video search. This tool uses the URL-tagging feature to turn YouTube URLs into easily identifiable data in video rank tracking results. The service also includes keyword research tools which provide valuable keyword suggestions and help you monitor the popularity of the keywords you are targeting.

Once you have used the tools to optimize the elements of your videos, you can easily monitor the progress using a large selection of tracking graphs and reports. It is also possible to integrate the tool with Adwords, keyword ranking and other reports to be able to monitor the success of your SEO efforts.

Rank Ranger’s customizable, white label reports make it easy to track your YouTube rankings and allow sharing them as well. The tool is available for a free trial of 30 days after which you can subscribe to the service with a basic plan costing $69 per month. This subscription gives you access to a large number of SEO tools apart from YouTube SERP Tracking.

Ezee Rank Tracker

Another powerful SERP Tracker tool, Ezee Rank Tracker tracks SERP ranks for specified keywords in Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube with just one click. The most important feature of this tool is the availability of mobile SERP tracking facility. It offers unlimited keywords and website rank tracking for numerous regional Google search engines. It delivers accurate ranking data and full white label reports with custom details for easy sharing. The tool updates you at regular intervals about the ranking movements.

Ezee Rank Tracker is a good tool for those who want to keep track of their videos on YouTube search results for specified keywords. The service is available as a free version as well as a paid downloadable app for $99 for lifetime use.

If you are just starting out, you should consider using the free YTRank tool for checking the video ranking. Another recommended tool for professionals is YTCockpit that offers a powerful YouTube SERP Tracking at an affordable price. We would love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments section below.

Understanding the concept of SERP

As more and more state-of-the-art technology continue to make their way into the E-market, it has become imperative for businesses walking the SEO path to exploit and maximize all avenues in their digital marketing drive. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is key to the success of any business seeking to stand out from the crowd and get more attention from potential customers. But knowing how such efforts are paying off is paramount to understanding if a business is actually doing well or not. And that is what SERP is all about; the report card on all SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) efforts of a business.  This has also led some businesses to employ SERP online checker and SERP online tool as a way of catching up with the competition and staying one step ahead of the rest under a well-utilized SERP online marketing drive.

What is SERP Online?

SERP is just an acronym and terminology used in SEO, which means Search Engine Result Page. SERP is a webpage that is generated in response to the search request activities of a user.

Simply put, SERP Online refers to a situation in which someone who wants some information relating to something goes online with the keyword phrase relating to the particular thing he or she is looking for. Then he or she types the keyword phrase into the search engine of his/her choice (Google, Bing, etc,) and the search engine gives him/her feedback which will appear in the form of a page with the results found for that particular query—keyword phrase.

The SERP in Google displays a combination of paid adverts and organic results (not paid). The paid adverts are usually at the top or right-hand side of the page marked with a yellow ‘ad’ or simply by a ‘sponsored’ button next to them.


Elements of SERP Online

The primary elements of SERP are:

  1. Direct, and in most cases, precise search results, that consists of links to different sites relating to the keyword phrase. This pattern is the typical issuance of all search engines, a battleground for attention where hundreds of sites are battling to get the highest position.

By default settings, the search engine result page contains 10 links, but you can conveniently change the numbers in the search settings.

  1. Blocks most of which are loaded with contextual advertising
  2. Little fields that come before search results. Sometimes, they may contain a quick response to a user’s query, typing error, a calculator, and more.
  3. Images/pictures are issued when a particular search request is put forward to the search engine.
  4. Parallel queries—the initial search query is refined, and the user is offered similar request or word forms.
  5. Direct link to visit the site prompts when entering a user request.

A SERP is capable of showing feedback in the form of zero (no match at all for the search query) to millions of items, depending on the number of WebPages that contains a particular phrase or keyword.


Why is SERP Online so important?

SERP Online are the results that define the position your website holds under organic search. F, for example, your website is well optimized, it will typically appear at the number one position when people search for your business name or related business practices. The number one position starts and is normally counted right under any paid advert. That is the reason why a lot of companies are investing heavily in SERP online tools and SERP online advertising.

But that is not all. There is one particular reason why so many companies are investing in SERP online checker and SERP online marketing.

Lots of businesses have come to discover that SEO is a goal-oriented art and one that cannot be neglected. It is the desire of every site to occupy the first page, first place of SERPs online. But for what reason?

Statistics have shown that millions of people visit the internet on a daily basis. Majority of these people are using the internet to get answers to their queries. It’s been confirmed that more than half of the people using search engines to get answers to their queries are more likely to click the first, second and third websites display on the first SERP page served on their request. It is because of the click-through rates for the top position that has prompted much business to start using SERP online word generation and online SERP tracker to see how they have been performing in the SERP results. There are lots of facts and figures that confirm this on the internet. Here is a table showing some of the SERPs click-through rates.


As you can see from the chart above, it is clear that your website chances of being clicked on is sharply dropping as you continue to get farther off the anointed first position rank. Just take a look at the second place result; it gets 4 times fewer clicks compared to the first position ranker. Now, you know what exponential loss is all about!

The facts as laid out by the above chart account for the reasons why business is becoming serious with SERPs online.  Some organizations are now using SERP online checker and far-reaching SERP online word generation to make they relevant on the front pages. You too must adopt the same approach and track your performance using the best SERP online tool and great SERP online marketing technique.


With SERP Online, the Majority Wins 

If you take a closer look at the chart above, you will discover that the results from 11 to 20 receive lesser clicks compared to ones received by 1 to 10th. As a matter of fact, 90% of the entire world population of internet users only looks at the first page of the SERP results.

This bitter reality equally means that, if your website is ranking on the second page, then you have automatically lost 90% of your primary target market. In addition, it means you are also losing thousands of potential customers/clients, which in turn result in loss of sales, then the loss of profits, and finally, loss of money.

Only the first page rankers and those at the hem of it are immune to this predicament. The first pagers always win. And here is a breakdown of the click-through rates for SERBs on the first 5 pages.


Here is another table analysis of the SERP online through rate plus the time spent on the first page:

It is a pure business common sense that one should strive with the right SERP online tool and proper SERP online word generation to be on the first pages of SERPs. In today’s inbound marketing, it’s a cardinal norm to be on the first page.