How to optimize website for Google search engine

How to optimize website for Google search engine

Website optimization is the process of making some changes in your website so that it can appear higher in the search engine result pages. Website optimization is a very important thing for your business because it is likely to expose your website to the frequent visitor. It is also very technical and a creative process of improving the visibility of your website to search engines.

Optimization will place the keywords, content, backlinks and web design of your website at the top spot of the search engines. Now that you know what website optimization is and the benefits it gives to your business, I will give very detailed steps on how website optimization is done.

There are five guidelines that will enlighten you on how to optimize your website.

Conduct market analysis

Market analysis helps you identify what your target market is, the target audience and the type of language your audience or customers use to search for your service or product. The guiding principle of website optimization is the desires and the needs of your customers. It is through market analysis that you will be able to identify the key words that the customers use in the search engines.

Conduct a survey of your customer base and create a list of the items that your customers are likely to look for in the search engines. The last thing you have to do is do a research on what your competitors use as their key words. This will help in knowing which keywords will give you an upper hand in the competition and how well you can position your optimization strategy in the market.

Research the keywords to target

Conduct a detailed research and analyze all the relevant and appropriate keywords that you can use. These keywords will help create the most interesting and qualified leads to your customers. You must be able to match your words with those of the competitors even if they are wrong because that is the language the frequent customers use.

If you create a list of the most frequent and relevant searches that match what you are offering, you are likely to identify a gap or several gaps in what the competitors use. Maximize your optimization ranking using these gaps and have an advantage over your competitors.

Create and optimize content for on-page search engine optimization

To achieve search engine optimization success you must be ready to invest in quality content in your website. You also need to create crucial keywords and it is your content that will help provide them. One of the Google’s top ranking three ranking factors is the content which is also known as the on-page factor.



The following characteristics discuss how optimized content is supposed to be in search engine optimization;

  • It is supposed to be long- most of the search engine results pages for blogs have over two thousand words. The longer the content the more the customer is likely to spend more time in your website. The more the time customers spend on your website, the website gets more shares and the search engine optimization is improved.
  • The content should be very simple- very complex and coherent content keeps the customers away because the value of the content is determined by how easy you can read it.
  • Should be filled with backlinks- whenever another site links to yours, a backlink should be created. Your search engine optimization ranking and credibility of your website is provided by the traffic arriving from more authoritative domains.
  • Recent and very consistent- your website should provide most recent information and it should also be very timely.
  • Use keywords in tittles, meta-tags, and URLs- your customers will know they are on the right page if they find the keywords in most part of the content. Frequent use of the keywords also gives you an advantage over your competitors in ranking.
  • Full of keywords and variants- you should maintain a relevant key words density. Use the very natural language your customers will understand easily.
  • Use keywords for image tags- keywords should be used in image tittles, captions and alt texts. The language you use should describe and provide information to your customers in Google images.
  • Available to search engines via sitemap- create both the XML and HTML versions of your website, this will help to ensure there is maximum search ability. Provide a site map so that Google can index your website.
  • Integrated within a quality user experience- your website should be very easily accessible and very easy to navigate for your customers. The web design and architecture of the information is a crucial factor in search engine optimization rankings.

Increase your visibility with off-page search engine optimization

The purpose of the off-page search engine optimization is to ensure that the keywords words research and content creation reaps maximum benefits. This is where you promote your content to various off-page platforms. The website is able to acquire valuable backlinks and the site traffic is increased.

There are various ways that can raise your search engine result pages position;

  • Share posts on social media- the more you share your work on social media and providing links, the more the visitors at your website.
  • Use bloggers- bloggers can help expand your reader base through promoting your website on various sites. Through this, more people will visit your website and read your content.
  • Write guest posts- this gives you a chance to promote your business via other industry businesses. Provide links at the end of the posts.
  • Submit answers on Quora- quora has a lot of registered users and can be a source of massive web traffic. You need to provide answers to the readers in your space and be cautious about using promotional language.
  • Comment on other blogs- provide comments to other blogs that are the same as yours. This helps create a healthy relationship with other people, drive targeted traffic sites and ensure your website is repeatedly indexed.
  • Create video content- customers have trap fun and educational concepts from videos. Creating a video that clearly explains your content gives you access to large customer base in YouTube.

Test, measure, adjust for SEO success

You have to run a survey on how well your search engine optimization strategy is doing. Analyze your web traffic. Asses how the various keywords are doing and how well do you rank in the search engine rankings. If the results you are getting from the tests are impressive then you can implement your search engine optimization strategy.