SEO and Google analytics

The current day SEO system is much beyond just hitting some keyword phrase on your strategies – hoping these come up through the search engines as quickly indexed and ranked for your website to gain the first page listing benefits.


We want to emphasize that the statistics that originates from Google analytics is much actually one of the most essential factors when it comes to ranking any website ‘up or down’.

Below are fundamental reasons why utilizing Google Analytics for your SEO campaign is a smart decision:

  1. Understand first that Google Analytics comes to you as a free tool and is utilized to help in tracking data/information about the way prospects or visitors interact with your website.


  1. In the course of implementing a SEO campaign, it is important for you to use Google Analytics in tracking the general performance of your targeted keywords so that you can experience a successful campaign. When used properly, you will be able to identify how much traffic each of the set keywords attracts to your site. Using Google Analytics will reveal to you a world of statistics you likely never knew about visitors visiting your site.


  1. And then in the course of initial optimization campaign, it will help you find out what other keywords your prospects key in to locate your website. It will help to classify what pages or links your visitors click most. You will be able to know if your optimization campaign is pointing the traffic to the precise pages. You can then further be able to section your analytic result by new or returning prospects, geography and referral links.


  1. So while this helps you to track Number of visitors and Number of returning visitors to your site, it completely shows you how much long time is spent on your site per visitor.


  1. Being able to gather these metrics , you will be help to also understand your site visitor’s bounce rate – that is being able to know why visitors quickly leave your site pages against why staying on site for that long.


So as a SEO content writer for example, you will be able to fine tune your site better and draft a novel copywriting on your site or blog page that may not be converting well. And then at the end, this will provide you more quality traffic and hence gain you more clients or readers in the near future.

So if you want to grow your audience, use Google Analytics for your SEO campaigns from now on and you will be glad you did!