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With probably hundreds of other businesses competing for the same market with you, strategic planning, use of outstanding keywords, and other strategies is essential. Though, to some of us, that key ability to be creative to find the best keywords is what we lack. This is actually what is giving room to the competitors to win the war of competition.

Thanks to technology, competition is now not a cause of fear in business. Marketers out there are now emboldened by their competitors. The fact that there's someone in the same niche as you tapping more visitors each coming day is proof that there are some methods and tactics out there that work.


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With that in mind, you would probably want to know those tactics and implement them on your business for the same level of success. This is what inspires the need for stalking your competitor for keywords.

With that in mind, you may wonder which of the many tools out there is the most effective in spying your competitor’s keywords. This is the reason we are here today to give you all the guidance and inform you that Spy keywords is the tool you need today.

What is Keyword spy?

A keyword spy is a tool that exposes the marketing secrets of your main competitors and the secret formulas that your most successful competitors are implementing. With this tool, you can actually search for any domain and get information about all the places they've shown up on Google. This will also give you an insight of all the keywords they have bought on Adwords, any of their ad variations for the last 13 years, and eventually, every organic rank.

Additionally, you will learn how to connect with the domains and also find traditional and online lead methods, email, phone, social media, and address that you cannot find anywhere else. I know you also want to pinpoint some of your main competitors and know what they are doing to stay on the list. Keyword spy will search for a competitor and give you some information about the keyword they ever Bought on Google and all the ad tests they have run. This ensures you have all the information about the mistakes they make and everything they do to be successful.

You also have to search for a competitor and download their PPC keywords. With this tool, you don’t have any download limits. The tool also helps you to see how many clicks they get and the amount of money they pay for each of the keywords.


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With the tool, you can as well monitor every domain bidding on your Adwords and watch out for emerging competitors and also get their strategies. Additionally, you will research competitors' SEO keywords, spy on your SEO competition, keyword Group analysis Tool, and eventually check competitor backlinks by keywords.

How do I spy on competitors' keywords?

Keyword research has been made easy with the use of the most effective keyword spy tool. If you are on a niche where there are countless competitors that are ranking well, you should get these tools and use them to easily find keywords that you can be sure will bring results. Are you wondering how possible this is?

You can spy the targeted keywords of your top competitors. However, to do this, you need an easy to use tool to help you along the way. Spykeywords is one of the world’s inclusive SEO tools that will be of help in this move. spy keywords tool offers all you want in analyzing your compititors keywords website, understanding every aspect of your site dimensions, and eventually monitor technical SEO hitches.

With the Keyword Intelligent Mode, you can audit keywords and eventually show you keyword conflicts on Links, Titles, and Headings. All these services are offered for Free. What this means is that all the basic features of the tool are available for free and can be very beneficial in this case.

The process of using such a tool is very easy. First of all, instead of download and install tool on your system you may use our keywords spy tool. After this, do a simple Google research to pinpoint your main competitors. What follows is to put your competitor's website on the Keyword Intelligence mode. When you are set, click start, and the tool will automatically offer all the information you have been looking for. 

How do I know what keywords to use?

There are countless ways of knowing the keywords you are supposed to use. However, to some of us, competitor analysis tools that are worried about the manual keyword search process can be time-consuming and tiring; there's another technical method of getting that.  This is the use of a Keyword spy to spy on your competitors and eventually has an insight of what you need.

How do I find competitor's keywords for Free?

Finding your competitor's keywords is easy and Free today with a reliable Keyword spy tool. After downloading the tool, what follows is an easy process of searching for your competitor and eventually using their domain to spy on their keywords. The tool can also significantly help you target the influencers with the links that can help you rank on a specific keyword without much of a customer audience on social media.

Additionally, find new keywords and you will track your ranking process and impression share in most groups. The team will additionally suggest expansion keywords and actions that you are supposed to take and then use keyword difficulty checker to check how hard to rank

What are organic keywords?

An organic keyword is a keyword that uses SEO to attract free traffic. Most people usually confuse them with Pay-per-click Keywords, which is not always the case. The pay per click keywords is bid through Paid campaigns.

For every marketer, organic search is a serious marketing channel. According to statistics, there are over 3.5 Billion searches every single day on Google alone. In this case, every marketer wants to capture some of this traffic. The question is, how do you do that? 

In order to get some of that traffic, there is something you are supposed to do about your web content. First of all, you are supposed to optimize the content for organic keywords. These are the terms every Google user types on the search engine to get information.

Though, there are several other factors that Google’s ranking algorithms include. However, one of the main factors is the on-page keywords optimization. If, as a mistake, the keyword that people are searching for doesn't appear anywhere in your web copy, you will not appear anywhere in the top ranking.

For that reason, everyone wants to make sure they have optimized their website perfectly for SEO. What this means is that you need to invest a lot of your time to find a keyword that people are specifically looking for. This is where most marketers make a mistake.  When you are looking for content, make sure these keywords are included.

How to do organic keyword research

The biggest question is, how do you search for those keywords that your competitors are using to rank high and attract more people on their website? This is where it becomes tricky. However, technology has made it very easy for marketers to search for organic keywords. One of those methods is the use of keyword spy tools.


competitor keywords analysis


The tool gives you a chance to check the activities of your competitors and help you know the reasons they are making it in the niche. This includes knowing the keywords they are searching for today and the way they include that on their content to attract more followers. 

Besides the use of spy tools, a keyword search tool can help you get started with organic keyword research. You have to look for a topic and eventually input it or the URL of a website. After this, you will get a list of all the relevant keywords to that specific topic. The app will also give you an estimate of how many people have been searching on the topics per month. This is what is known as Organic search volume.

The tool will eventually email all the keywords and other relevant instructions on your inbox. You can now start using the keywords in your organic search campaigns and content marketing. What follows after you get the keywords is Optimizing the site for organic keywords.

Optimizing your site for Organic keyword is very imperative. The next most important thing is the site organization. It’s also very crucial to create valuable resources that will be relevant to all the related keywords.

Take away

Keyword spy tools are very useful today, especially if you want to spy on your competitor and make his success yours. Spy keywords is one of those tools that use AI-powered ability to dig for keywords from the contents your competitors are using. The tool gives you the additional information that can help you in achieving your business goals with ease and fast enough. What are you waiting for? Start using Keyword Spy tools and grow your business with easy steps.