What is an SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization can help people to find information and products on the search engine as Bing and Google. The SEO Specialist is the one who is responsible to research and analyzes the trends and Implement the necessary strategies that can help improving the search results.

So, the main goal of SEO Specialist is to increase the level of the traffic of a website using keywords in addition to the keywords topic and do all he can to improve the experience of the user and try to meet the guidelines of the search engine.

The changing of the search engines is the real challenge to the SEO Specialists they have to keep up with those changes. Let’s give simple example for those changes.

Back in days for example Google search algorithm was showing all the website which is related to the keyword you used for searching despite the services each website providing the users and it didn’t depend totally of the organic. But nowadays the things have changes so much. Google algorithm now will show the top ten organic results. Google has learned that’s when people search for something they more likely to click on the information over the list of services. So the algorithm changed to incorporate such behavior so now it delivers the types of results it believes the keyword is looking for.

The SEO Specialist is someone who needs to be able to spot the trends and can understand what is the meaning of it, and can develop strategies that can work within them.

There are a lot of different factors that can contribute to the final rankings and of course it can be too hard to determine what trends may google associate with the chosen keywords.

The job of SEO Specialist won’t stop with a couple website tweaks or some links which is scattered around the internet. But the specialist is someone who has to be on the ball looking constantly for the trends like the one we discussed before and always try to finding new ways to maximize the traffic of the website.

By the word “maximize” it doesn’t necessary mean increasing just the numbers but mean finding people who is ready to do business with you.

Optimizing the website for the search engines involves being very aware of the factors we discussed before and being able to implement the suitable strategies but unfortunately the search engines always changes, and SEO can’t always rely on the same old activities for long time. The modern SEO is about more much than just the keywords and tags of metadata.

There are many factors that the SEO Specialist have to deal with and that means that they need a lot of different skills. So at least the beginner SEO specialist needs to know the basics like:

  • What is to be done on-page to help the rank of website
  • How to increase the value of social media
  • How to take the advantage of emerging trends
  • Why links is very important
  • Checking if the pay per click marketing is worth it or not

For someone who is working in the SEO the daily routine of him may include a combination of any of the activities we discussed before. And that means that the true SEO specialist has to have a lot of skillset and always willing to learn more and more.

One of the main things that SEO should be able to understand is the google analytics metrics so we are going to list some of those metrics and explain it further more.

Users- this metric is very important one it’s responsible for showing you the number of people that visited your website during specific timeframe

It the number of the visitors isn’t not increasing as you would expect, then your efforts are likely not working anymore or at least is not in your favor at the meantime.

It’s great to see the traffic of your website continue to grow so it’s great to see some New Users. But also that doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience has gotten bigger. The metric of users is only representing the number of individual people that visiting the website without paying attention how many times they visited.

And for example, if someone visits your site 5 times and another person visits it twice, now you have 2 unique users with 7 sessions.

That can help you to see if your audience is growing or not and if you try different marketing strategies that would payoff or not.

Top Landing Pages– is the last metric we are going to talk about in this article and it’s basically pages on the site what the visitors think are most important and that is based on their engagement.

By looking at the top landing pages that can give you a glimpse into which pages on the website are performing very well. And of course, that can give you a very good idea of what information that your visitors find most useful.

Those insights are very useful when you try to build out new content on the site. It allows you also to track the poorly performing pages that you can implement new strategy that can overcome the weakness of that pages.