Best Structured Data WordPress Plugins

Want to display something visually more attractive to your viewers?

Looking for something that would make your website stand out of the crowd? Something that’s visually more attractive to viewers? You might have heard about Structured Data or Rich Snippet or Schema Markup which is a type of code communicates with a search engine about what your data means. It makes a search engines job easier by organizing and displaying your content easily and also “dresses up” the content and makes it visually more attractive.

A structured data plugin may not necessarily increase your search rankings but will definitely help your website look more appealing compared to others and increase chances of more clicks on your page. Thus, benefits of using any such plug in goes far beyond obvious direct visible results. For instance:

  1. It helps significantly in reducing your websites bounce rate. By providing more visually appealing content instead of just plain text. For example: when giving movie reviews it can add a little star rating and the reviewer’s name alongside.
  2. They help search engines to understand your content more precisely and in turn provide more useful information to particular users.

Having those extra tit-bit information is great to make your page really appealing but how to get these schema mark-ups up and running with your content? You are at the right place then. There are many such rich snippet plugins available for WordPress. Below mentioned are some of the best available:

  1. Schema Pro:

A premium product which has its unique way of adding a schema markup to your existing content alongside any new one as done by most of the other plug ins. With a very simple interface you can add custom fields without any complication.

Its setup wizard is a great help for all first-time users. Without using an extra content box Schema Pro is the best way add any kind of schema markup to WordPress.

  1. WP Rich Snippets:

When looking for diverse range of content for your website this plugin is easy to use and offers structured data for many kinds of content like reviews, recipes, ratings, videos and many more. Also comes with custom add-ons for such as WooCommerce integration, snippets for location and maps, custom short codes, etc.

Open-source and premium both are available. Many features similar to WP Pro discussed later. The best feature is that with this you can create comparison tables of different products helping users take the right decision.

Very easy to install, implement and configure and available with a helpful support this plug in can be translated in any language. If your requirement is more than the normal, then it gives you a very useful collection of add-ons providing great functionality to its users. Supports all major mark-up types.

  1. WP Review PRO:

Given by MyThemeShop, the popular WordPress theme providers the WP Review Pro is an all-in-one solution to create reviews on any WordPress powered website. Coming with a number of different styles like a point, circular, star or a percentage rating system, has a very responsive design. You can even add pros and cons to any review using the same.

It can also generate user-submitted ratings and reviews for you which can also be included in the average number being displayed in Google’s search result. Exhibits its own custom widgets and short codes. Gives you the option of adding CSS animations. Best part of WP Review Pro is that it when a user hovers around a post it can directly display your ratings in the thumbnail.


Don’t want anything premium then this is the best that you can get. You can add many kinds of rich snippets to all sorts of content ranging from reviews, events, apps, people, products, videos, articles and the list goes on.

An open source rich snippet for all those who cannot opt for any premium one. Its one of the best options when you want to add schema markup to a variety of content which is not that complicated and light to work with.


Focused on ratings and reviews for your pages it allows users to submit their own reviews on your products and services. Whatever users input you can moderate and display as per your wish. Providing user ratings is not everyone’s cup of tea giving this snippet more niche than others.


Running an entirely product review-based website then go for the WP PRODUCT REVIEW only. Adding details such as pros and cons of the products being reviewed. You can also distinguish different segments over which the products are being reviewed. Supports user submitted reviews which can be moderate by you. With more than 50,000 active installations this is one of the best on this list.

Based on your requirement every plugin mentioned above serves your needs well. Just remember to validate your schema markup using Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

All the above-mentioned plugins give you accessibility are user-friendly offering complete control over schema. By increasing user engagement via stylish interfaces these plugins comply with almost all your needs.