What is Moz spam score

This article is written to highlight some of the very essential SEO Moz Spam flags and how they are important to take note of if you want your online business to thrive in the search engines, particularly Google.

SEO MOZ discovered and opened up a great number of latent features that predicted that a site might be penalized or practically banned by almighty Google.

Moz Spam Score is currently functional only on the subdomain level, and is not applicable to pages or root domains.

It does a very good thorough job with the most apparent, vilest spam, and a perfect task highlighting risk in other areas, as well.

Now a site’s spam score can get easily verified utilizing SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer. It is however a service open to Pro subscribers at the moment. It also offers a free trial!

So below are some of the Important Spam Flags by Moz associated with Moz Spam Score:

  • A Low MozTrust or MozRank Score (signaling your site link profile is untrusted).
  • Having a Large Site that has very Few Links (i.e. few sites link to your site, despite its size).
  • Diversity of link channels to your site is little.
  • The ratio of do-follow to no-follow subdomains connecting to your site is not within the actual rating of others in the SEOmoz index. At such, sites with a large number of followed links relative to nofollowed are considered to be spam.
  • When links to your site have negligible volume of branded anchor text.
  • When a site has a comparatively little ratio of content to navigation chrome.
  • When Site Mark-up is Oddly Small.
  • If a Site has a Vast Number of External Links, it may be spammy – especially for new sites.
  • When pages crawled within a site has small number of internal links, as real sites are considered to rather link heavily. So a relative absence of internal links is much of a spam signal.
  • Sites with a lot of anchor text are seen to be spam as compared against others with more content and less links.
  • When there is large volume of external Links in Navigation, within sidebars and footers.
  • Site without Contact Info is scored as spam.
  • Very few amount of Pages Found.
  • Top Level Domains Linked with Spam Domains.
  • Domain Name Measurement. For example – a site with a long subdomain name like “buyshoesinflorida.completefreedelivery.onlineshoestores.com” may signify keyword stuffing – thus spammy.
  • Domains with numbers – as these could automatically be generated and hence spam.

With the aforementioned, you can now know your site spam scores and work towards cleaning up or preventing link spam – to your business and online presence advantage!

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