How does alexa ranking works

Is there a way that Alexa Tracks Traffic? This is what this article intends to reveal!

As a web owner, Alexa ranking shows a number of metrics and these include Alexa traffic rank that reveals ranks in USA, and other locations, Sites Linking in, and, right on the alexa charts, you can see the various fields that you can graph out your website history and make evaluation.

Where does Alexa pull its data from and is this considered as reliable?

Typically – Alexa pulls its rankings from its tool known as the Alexa Toolbar. This is a toolbar that folks install within their browsers and it fundamentally tracks their activity around the World Wide Web space – such as the websites they visit, and how regularly they visit.

This is where and how Alexa normally pulls its data – hence they truly do have some little set of data to work with as only a small percentage of individuals really use the Alexa toolbar.

Alexa also claims that it pulls its data and statistics from “other” unidentified sources as well!

So categorically – the traffic data Alexa uses is based on their own toolbar, meaning that the more people that visit your site that have the toolbar installed on their web browser, the more your Alexa rank will improve!

To check your website Alexa ranking, you can simply do it directly via their website, or you can just install their “adware” toolbar!

In Conclusion, the actual statistics that Alexa provides is pulled from its toolbar. If for example – your site receives 30,000 hits daily, and then say only 20% of these are using the toolbar, Alexa will only get you data for only 6000 visitors. The rest visitors likely won’t be counted or they would obtain data of such – from different sources.