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Though some people think that using Plagiarism detector is a form of cheating, there are chances that duplicative text can find their way to the paper as you write. This is especially the case with group projects and in other forms of writing including Blog posts and writing scholarly articles.

Plagiarism can get your work suspended, cited and cheating or get it destroyed. In Blogging and other forms of Freelancing, Plagiarism can get you fined or lead to other forms of legal actions. With that in mind, you may start asking which percentage of plagiarism is acceptable. In most class works, the instructors understand that you can accidentally copy works as you do the research. For this reason, 15% of plagiarism is acceptable.

For Journalists, marketers, bloggers and other internet entrepreneurs, plagiarism of 15% may still be considered as a high percentage of duplicate texts and can lead to several legal actions. This is a clear indication that Plagiarism is considered as a serious offense. In academics, it’s considered as a form of dishonesty which can cost you your project and studies. In Journalism, blogging and internet marketing, Plagiarism is considered a serious breach of ethics. Check Plagiarism and make sure the duplicate content

What happens if you plagiarize?

If you plagiarize, there are several things that can happen depending on the type of plagiarism. The most common type of complete plagiarism occurs when a researcher takes the entire work done by another individual and submits it as their own original work. The other type of plagiarism is source-based plagiarism which comes in when someone references a source that doesn’t exist.


In the case of direct plagiarism, the writer copies the works of another person word by word without the use of attribution and quotation marks. Self plagiarism occurs when someone uses their previous published work and lastly accidental plagiarism occurs because of neglect, unintentional paraphrasing or by mistake.

Whatever the case, there’s no excuse to plagiarize. If it happens, there are some serious consequences that follow. In school and community colleges, you may be suspended from the course. The paper may also be rejected and you are forced to repeat the whole course. You can also be penalized or fined for using someone else’s work.

Although you may not go to jail because of plagiarism, you can pay huge fines amounting up to $50,000. The cases are also considered misdemeanors which mean you can as well get jailed for up to a year. so better if you Check Plagiarism before you publish your content

Are Plagiarism checkers accurate?

After reading the above to understand what follows after you plagiarize, I know you are now asking yourself what to do. One of the most accurate, easy and fast ways of getting out of trouble in such a case is to use thePlagiarism detectortool. But are these tools very accurate? Will the plagiarism tool really help you detect the words that are plagiarized and help you correct? That question is answered here.

The fact remains there are many such tools out there and not all are accurate. Though, using this Plagiarism tool is a clever decision. The tool is highly accurate and works by comparing your work against billions of similar works on the internet. The Plagiarism checker will notice the identical and near-identical works and notify you in advance.

You also don’t have to expect that Plagiarism tools are 100% accurate. What such a tool shows is works and phrases that are near identical and others that the tool automatically detects as identical phrases or words. This means that you have the final judgment after checking and comparing. A good example is when words are marked as plagiarized and there is a quotation mark to show you the already quoted words of another writer.

To get more accurate results, you are supposed to use Plagiarism checkers that show the results in terms of percentage. This is the percentage of the entire document which comes from known sources. But the most important thing is not the percentage; it’s whether the words and phrases are used ethically.

When should you check Plagiarism in your paper?

When you check for plagiarism is as important as how you do it. Before we start on when you are supposed to check for plagiarism, let’s talk about how you can go about it. One such way is the use of a Plagiarism checker tool. The other way is to be particularly careful when you are writing.

So when can you check plagiarism? Sadly, there’s no one answer that can get the question answered accurately. The best thing to do is to check the paper before proofreading and checking again after completing the work. One mistake people do is checking for plagiarism after completing the work. The fact remains that one of the ways you get plagiarism is when you are editing the text. So check before and after editing.

Other writers choose to check for plagiarism after the text is almost settled. They usually check after few rounds of editing. This is because you already have the structure and most texts finalized which is a great chance to detect plagiarism.


The good thing with such an action is that if problems are detected at this point, you already have enough time to deal with them. Dealing with the plagiarism at this point becomes part of editing. Besides, it’s also very imperative to use a good plagiarism tool to check for the final draft before handing it over. It gives you peace of mind and eliminates surprises at this point.

How do I check for Plagiarism?

When you decide to check for plagiarism, there are some basic factors that you have to evaluate. In some plagiarism checkers, they price their services depending on the amount of words you want to check and the type of report you want. Other factors include use of quotation marks in the texts and appropriate placement of credits.

If you want to check for plagiarism for free, get to the site and copy paste your content on the space provided. Just make sure you are within the word count. If you are choosing a paid plan, make sure you utilize the trial period wisely. This way, you will make better decisions on whether to pay for the services or not. is one of the sites where teachers, students and writers can check their content against millions of sources for uniqueness. Additionally, the tool offers the most detailed reports showing you the level of plagiarism in percentage and highlighting the texts that are plagiarized.

Should I check plagiarism before submitting to the professor?

That’s obvious since am sure you don’t want a surprise a week or two after submitting your paper. You also need peace of mind knowing that your work is 100% unique. One mistake students make is assuming that the instructor doesn’t have the time to check for plagiarism. If your instructor is asking about the submission of multiple drafts, make sure you check the whole thing and drafts before you submit. The fact is schools address plagiarism very seriously.

Should you check your content for plagiarism before posting?

To answer that question, I have to state that Google has its own built-in Plagiarism checker. This checks all the content that people are posting online. This shows that your work should be unique for Google to accept. When web content is copied from the other, there are chances that Google will pull down your content or one of the two posts will stop showing.

What is a Good Plagiarism checker?

One big drawback is that not all plagiarism checkers are accurate. Some of them will leave you with so much to worry about even after subscribing to their premium account. This shows that it’s imperative to invest time and energy in researching and choosing a good plagiarism detector. A Good plagiarism detector should have the below qualities.



  • A plagiarism detector tool should not report false positives
  • It should be easy to use
  • Show the results in percentage
  • Built-in citing options
  • Free trials if you have to pay
  • It should have access to scholarly databases
  • Give you a clear plagiarism report
  • The tool should be safe and secure for your content

Free registration

The plagiarism checker should be free to register with the opportunity to check a larger number of words every day. This is obvious because on the free mode, you have limited number of words to check and a limited number of activities to take.

Easy to use checker

The checker is easy to use with a user friendly interface to Check Plagiarism. You just have to open the site and copy paste your text or link on the spaces provided. After that, you are only required to press the check Button. The checker will provide you with a percentage of the text that is suspiciously copied.

LSM and LMs

The other thing you should look for is the Moodle plug in especially if you want a plagiarism checker for class work. Most of the checkers out here don’t provide top security but you can go for the plagiarism detection service that is embedded in LSM. Some are working with Moodle but you can also check to see whether plagiarism checker is integrated for LMSs. safe detection

You don’t want to leave your content added to other online databases. For that reason, you should choose a detector with a safe detection mode. This way, search engines including Bing, Yahoo, Google and AOL cannot scan plagiarism report pages. This is especially the case if you are a content writer, marketer or a blogger.

Efficient algorithms in Plagiarism checker

The has a multi-layer algorithm system. This is what makes it easy for you to scan the paper and get it checked on billions of sources in the internet. The tool also helps teachers and students scan a lot of offline document databases. The system  provides homoglyphs detection which is an effective way of noticing plagiarism. It also checks on sentence structure to ensure the quality of your content before uploading or submission.

Check Plagiarism in all text formats

You need a plagiarism detector that will help you check your content in all text formats including odt, PDF, docx, txt, org, RTF and many others. Plagiarism detectors give you a chance to check on all the available text formats.

Get convenient report

Once you are sure you are the only one using the account and the site is secure and safe, you can leave your reports there for as long as you want. Additionally, you can choose to store or delete it at your convenience. For content creators that are checking multiple texts from their network of employees, you can download and send PDF reports and print them.

The pricing

I know you are now wondering whether some of these plagiarism detectors are worth your investment. The truth is there is no need to worry. This is because itoffers you quality services at very affordable prices. You just have to choose a plan based on your preferences and get the quoted price.

What is the best site to check Plagiarism?

With so many options available in the market, you want to choose a Plagiarism checker which will be effective and affordable to you. As a matter of fact, most sites don’t work effectively to detect all the plagiarized content. This is an indication that you should get that one plagiarism tool that will detect and help you notice all the plagiarized content in percentage and also give you the sources so that you can edit with ease. 

What is the best Free Plagiarism Checker?

Although you can get a free to Check Plagiarism, you will have limited access to features. However, you can try it to check for plagiarism. The reasons we recommend this tool is because of the ease of use, super fast searches, percentage results and accurate results.

Don’t waste a lot of time on the many Free Plagiarism checkers that you find in the market. Some of these plagiarism checkers are not secure, accurate and reliable. They will also offer limited access to some important features that you need to make your work unique. Though, if you have to subscribe to their premium account, choose affordable and highly effective site.

Free online plagiarism checker with Percentage

Have you been looking for a free online plagiarism checker with percentage? Most free online plagiarism detectors will not show the results in percentage. This is actually very important because you need to know the percentage of your texts that is marked as copied so that you can detect whether you are within the limits. Try it today for your plagiarism needs and you will not regret.

The best Free Plagiarism checker for students

At this point you must already know the seriousness of this matter. I have already stated all the consequences awaiting you if you choose to plagiarize your class work. Remember professors use plagiarism detectors to effectively notice when you are using duplicate texts.

This indicates that you should also be prepared in advance and check for any copied texts before you submit your work. The best Plagiarism checker tool is the one that will indicate all the texts suspiciously believed to be copied from other sources. The tool should also show other mistakes in your paper and if possible provide the sources where the texts are copied from.

Free Plagiarism checker for teachers to Check Plagiarism

As the instructor, you need to have all the tools to combat cheating and laziness in class. In most cases, a professor and the assistants can immediately detect any form of Plagiarism. However, when someone relies on their personal experience and knowledge, it’s very hard to notice whenever the students cheat. Some students change one or two works in a copied phrase to make them look unique making it hard for the professor to detect.

Besides reading the work, many professors have started to enjoy the use of Plagiarism checkers to automatically detect plagiarism. The Plagiarism checker has the capability of processing information from millions of resources.

The tool will be looking for duplicate texts from the recently published blogs, journals, textbooks and scientific sites. The tool has the ability to work with almost all sources written in English, Spanish, Italian and German among many other languages.

Besides the reality of many Plagiarism checker tools out there, Plagiarism detectors is one of the most reliable and quality websites. Instructors from everywhere in the world can use it to uncover copied and spinned documents. With such ability, the students have also become more responsible and are very likely to complete their essays and other works with little cheating.

Plagiarism is one major negative phenomenon in science and education. This slows down new discoveries and prevents the spread of unique ideas and projects. For that reason, content writers, bloggers, students and instructors need to understand how serious the case is and invest on a reliable tool to help them along the way. Get a highly functional Plagiarism detector which will provide effective assistance in Check Plagiarism.


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