Indexification Review – UPDATED 2018 – Best Backlink Indexing Service

A backlink which does not use any type of indexing tool may take a long time to get noticed and indexed by Google. There are chances that your backlinks don’t get indexed at all. After spending a lot of time on SEO, nobody would want to wait for months to see the results in link building and site ranking. Indexification is a popular tool that gives all your backlinks a boost they need by getting them noticed and indexed by Google quickly. It is one of the most affordable backlinks indexing services popularly used by SEO specialists and bloggers to index their backlinks and get increased visibility on search engines.

In this post, we review this popular service and consider its offerings in detail to help you find out if it can work for you!

Indexification Review – Updated 2018

Creating campaigns with Indexification is quite easy. You simply need to insert all the backlinks into the dashboard and the tool does the rest for you. It also features API integration for popular SEO software so you can use the service from any program you use. It is intended to save you a lot of time and effort otherwise spent on indexing the backlinks manually. All the backlinks submitted are drip feeded so as to save you from any penalty from Google. You can choose whether you want to drip feed the backlinks within 30 days or by specific amount. It is also possible to submit all the backlinks at one go without drip feeding.

User experience is really amazing. The service is extremely easy to use and suits newbies as well as experts. Navigation is pretty simple and with notes everywhere for explanation, you can’t go wrong with anything.

Indexification has a helpful customer support that assists you in case you have any trouble using the service. The tool offers a 100% crawl rate meaning Google bot will visit the backlinks and then decide if it will index the backlinks. This means if you have forum backlinks which are spam or backlinks without content, the possibility of getting them indexed is less. However, if you have a lot of contextual backlinks, they will be indexed for sure. Creating contextual backlinks can also save you from penalty.

An amazing feature for those who have SEO clients is the reports. Indexification allows sending links to your clients with details about the backlinks. It is a useful feature for those who run any SEO service.

Indexification is a valuable link crawling and indexing solution for any beginner webmaster or SEO professional interested in improving his site rankings. The standard service package is priced at $18 per month and allows up to 1.5 million links per month. It offers a money back guarantee as well as customized packages.


  • Highly affordable price
  • High indexing rate
  • Totally automated process
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Integration with third-party link building services
  • Ability to schedule links for up to 30 days
  • Up to 1.5 million links per month


  • Limit of 50,000 backlinks per day can be problematic for advanced SEOers.

Top 5 Best Backlink Indexing Services

Webmasters and SEO specialists need their backlinks to get indexed by Google to benefit with site rankings. Here are the top five backlink indexing services with their own features to help SEO and link building individuals and companies.

  • Lindexed

Built on a unique technology, Lindexed offers backlinks to your links from relevant pages to make them look more important to crawlers. It comes with regular pinging, rss feed creation and pinging for more power. The indexing process with Lindexed is fully automated and the learning curve is minimal. It has a unique feature called PingCloud that sends semi-human pings from different servers in different countries. This ensures that the pings look natural to Google and your links get better priority for indexing and crawling.

  • Instant Link Indexer

An expensive yet effective backlink indexing service, Instant Link Indexer offers a high indexing rate and provides a fully automated backlink crawling. You can create unlimited campaigns for a monthly fee starting at $13.77. You can choose from a number of monthly packages to suit your requirements. The tool integrates with some of the most popular link building software to offer you an easier way to get your links indexed.

  • OneHourIndexing

This is a unique backlink indexing service that uses secret techniques different from RSS, link building and pinging. They do not reveal the method they use to index the links submitted. But the service is quite expensive. You get 1000 links per day for a monthly subscription fee of $17 and 30000 links per day for $97.

  • Ping Farm

A free indexing service highly popular among forums, Ping Farm does the basic job of pinging your backlinks. It uses the oldest method of indexing but does pretty well. It is a simple service which notifies the search engines that your website or blog has been updated. You just need to upload your backlink and the tool does the rest for you.

  • Indexification

This service is the best indexing service which creates short URLs of your backlinks, creates pings, submits RSS feeds and pings sitemaps. The tool guarantees that Google will crawl all the backlinks you submit. It allows sending 50,000 links per day for a price of $18 per month. They offer the best indexing and crawling rates and a money back guarantee.

Indexification Vs InstantLinkIndexer

InstantLinkIndexer offers multiple monthly packages to choose from, starting at $13.77 allowing 500 links per day. However, it costs as much as $47.77 per month to get 50,000 backlinks daily. This is quite expensive as compared to the price of Indexification at $18 per month for 50,000 links per day.

InstantLinkIndexer is certainly one of the best link indexing services. It integrates readily with some of the most popular link building software and services. Indexification has support for a large number of third-party software and services to save you from signing into the dashboard separately.

InstantLinkIndexer offers a daily backlink limit of 500 links per day for a starter package of $13.77 which suits beginners but more experienced and advanced webmasters would find this limitation a problem and would have to go for higher priced packages. Indexification allows creating up to 1.5 million backlinks per month by subscribing to the starter package.

The rate of indexing for InstantLinkIndexer is up to 80% as recorded. Indexification offers a 100% crawl rate and a high index rate for the backlinks.


Indexification is undoubtedly the best link indexing service suitable for beginner webmasters and experts alike. It is an ideal solution to professional and entry-level webmasters who own or manage websites and looking for an easy and automated way to get their backlinks indexed.