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When putting together a successful online presence for your business, you need to know what the raw data says about your domain. It doesn’t much matter if you are a small business, or a multi-million dollar corporation, the data of your website traffic is going to tell you a lot about how your domain is performing. Every day digital marketing experts examine all kinds of raw data to apply to their digital marketing campaigns that helps them to better target future promotions, adjust website page content, and promote their business online. Simply put, if you aren’t examining how your website is performing actually, you are missing a huge opportunity.


Our Website Traffic Checker allows you to get a glimpse at all of the behind the scenes information that can help you build a better brand online. It does this by providing you with all of the most important metrics that you need to judge your website performance as a whole. Let’s take a quick look at how our Website Traffic Checker can help you build a better online business, and what it does for you exactly.


-    Why Analyze Data From Website Traffic.


Numbers and graphs can be daunting for the uninitiated. It’s all too easy to feel like even the act of analyzing the raw data from your website’s traffic is far over our head--especially if you have never done it before and don’t quite know what you’re looking at. However, it is important to note that understanding what all of the key metrics driving your website are understood, in order to improve user experience. Why is user experience so important? I’m glad you asked.


-     User Experience.


User Experience is hard to quantify exactly, but bear with me. One of the most important factors when trying to get your website to rank higher on search engines, is overall user experience. Google algorithms will actually weigh the amount of time and engagement that users spend on your web page, in order to determine the credibility of your website. If a user clicks on your link, and leaves your website immediately; or if they only view your landing page without following through to further pages of your website page, you are not going to get a lot of love from Google.


Because of this, it is important to know how to build a website that users will engage with, and receive a pleasant experience while there. Think of all the times you have spent time on websites that were horribly designed, slow to respond, and difficult to understand; you didn’t stick around for long, did you? That is why analyzing the data of your website traffic is crucial. It helps you understand what your users are responding to, how many users you are getting per time frame established, and much more.


-    What Does A Website Traffic Checker Tool Do?


Our Website Traffic Checker tool allows you to really dive deep into the way that users are interacting with your web page. We do this by checking and cross referencing from multiple sources, checking popular keywords, top ranked pages within your space, average user engagement time, location of users, and more. This can provide you with insight on how to change, and improve your website overall to maximize the potential for turning visitors into customers.


Our website Traffic Checker tool offers you key insight, in an easy to understand way, into multiple different areas of import for building and sustaining a successful website. These are:


  • Top 10 pages ranked on
  • Top ranked keywords on
  • Number of visitors every
  • Geographic location of incoming website
  • Traffic metrics of similar


These are areas that all professional digital marketers will look into and examine under a ‘microscope’ when building their digital marketing campaigns. Here’s how all of that can relate to the success of your website page overall.


  • Top 10 Pages Ranked On


To paraphrase an old quote from Sun Tzu, ‘know yourself, know your enemy, and you shall win a hundred battles without loss.’ While the original quote was of course about the acts of war, the concept still applies when considering it for digital marketing. It is important to not only know what you are doing as your own business and website, it is also crucial to know what competitors are doing as well.


Take large retail chains for example. It is an incredibly popular practice for large retail chains to send employees over to competitor’s stores and ‘compare prices’ of similar products. They do this in order to see how they stack up. This isn’t a simple price-price comparison however. These small ‘audits’ will also consider:


  • Brands
  • Package
  • Price per oz or
  • Comparison of


This very same mindset can translate easily to your online presence. If you have the chance to see the top 10 ranked links within your space on Google, you can get a great idea of


what the big dogs are doing. This will give you the chance to sift through their web pages, examine how they layout their pages, their page content, products, services, and more. You can cross reference their use of keywords, responsiveness of their web page, and compare them to how your own page performs as well. This is the best way to directly measure yourself against the pages that Google has deemed to be the highest authority and best value for those who search for keywords related to your niche.


For example, if your business sells custom skateboards, you can get a look at the top 10 custom skateboard businesses to compare your website to. It’s easy to see how this could be beneficial for growing your business.


  • Top Ranked Keywords On


Keywords are some of the most important aspects of ranking higher on Google, and other search engines. Afterall, Google has to use the actual words you type into it in order to establish what you are looking for. For example, if you google the phrase ‘custom skateboards in Tucson’, Google is going to find pages that match those keywords the closest. They will run quick searches for skateboard, custom, and Tuscan in your search order and find the results that are most relevant to your needs.


Understanding that Google will extrapolate keywords from searches in order to give the most accurate result is at the core of all digital marketing. Using the right keywords in your links, and web page content is crucial to getting your web page to rank higher on Google. But, how do you find what the best keywords to use are?


Simply using keywords that you think are going to generate traffic to your website is not usually enough. Often you will need to dive into the analytics a bit to understand exactly what users are searching for when they go to Google in general. For example, perhaps more users are Googling ‘Tuscan custom skateboards.’ This will give you slightly different results than ‘Custom skateboards in Tuscan’. Simply due to the value and weight behind each keyword and their order of appearance.


Our Website Traffic Checker tool will help give you insight into what keywords are ranking higher within your space. Our tool analyzes and lists the top 10 keywords in your space for you, and will help you to build your own keywords into your website content easier. In this way you will be able to better optimize your web page for search engines, and help boost your search rankings instantly.


In many ways, Google is only as good as the data that you give it. Understanding what your potential audience is actually searching for will help you to put a ‘spotlight’ on your web page far more easily. You will be amazed at how big of a difference knowing the top keywords in your space will make.


  • Number Of Visitors Every


Once you finally launch your web page, it can behoove you to know exactly how many people are visiting it each and every day. Much like brick and mortar stores will try to monitor daily ‘door counts’, you want to know how many people are actually visiting your site. Knowing exact numbers for the amount of users engaging with your domain is crucial to understanding if your marketing campaigns, promotions, or domain changes are actually working.


For example, if you know that you are averaging 100 visitors per day, you have a baseline for judging your future web page performance. If you launch a social media promotion campaign, and see that immediately after your traffic jumped to an average of 500+ per day; you can determine that your promotion was a success in regards to getting traffic to your web page!


On the reverse, if you notice that over time your average number of daily visitors drops down to 50 per day, you can safely assume that something is not performing as well as it should. This can be a great way to tell if it is time for you to begin troubleshooting, tweaking, and improving your website in general. Understanding how many users you are averaging and how those numbers are fluctuating is a great way to measure degrees of success.


Social media influencers use similar ‘weighing’ scales to determine how they should post and target their posts. They will analyze their average number of post views, likes, shares, and comments. Through this they get a number known as ‘engagement rate’. Depending on their baseline averages, they can accurately assess if they are doing something right, or very wrong with their new posts. Your web page analysis should be the same.


It is impossible to know if you are actually performing well and growing as a website without knowing how your traffic numbers are doing. That is why our Website Traffic Checker is crucial to your future marketing strategy success and planning.


  • Geographic Location of website


The great thing about online selling, and building an online presence is that you don’t have to set up shop in your own ‘backyard’. With brick and mortar shops, you are limited to how far you are willing to travel and work yourself--that isn’t the case for the world wide web. Plenty of online retailers distribute and market to regions that are completely outside of their immediate locale. Take companies like Wish, for example. They are a platform based out of China, with the bulk of their sellers being located in China as well; but they distribute and market largely to Europe and N. America.


When it comes to building an online business, you are not limited by boarders or time restrictions, you can target any demographic anywhere. If you feel like the best market for your business is elsewhere, you can begin to target that location. Understanding where your primary


users are located is a great way to know how to build future marketing materials and promotions.


For example, if you find that a large portion of your users are based out of Japan, you can work on creating Japanese language promotional materials to help include those buyers and generate more revenue from them--as well as grow your base there. Sometimes you can be surprised by the location’s where your products and services are gaining traction.


If you do not know where your users are located geographically, you are shooting blind when it comes to targeting your future promotional materials. Knowing your audience is step one of building a bigger audience. It is unwise to assume that all of your customers and viewers are located in the same region, or even the same country as you. The internet is a big place, and it is important to know where your traffic is coming from.


Our Website Traffic Checker tool gives you deep insight into where your users are from, so that you can better understand your user base and their needs. While we do not provide any personal data on your users, understanding their general geographic location is enough to know where your business is most popular. If you are selling custom skateboards out of Tuscan, but the bulk of your visitors are based out of San Diego, you should probably know that--right?


You would be amazed at how important this little bit of insight is in regards to building a better online presence, and growing your brand as a whole.


  • Traffic Metrics of Similar


What was that we spoke about earlier? The bit about knowing your enemy? Yeah, well, our Website Traffic Checker tool helps you get a deeper insight into your competition so that you can fully understand what you are doing versus what they are doing--in regards to performance that is.


Our Website Traffic Checker tool will gather the data of similar websites that operate within the same space as you, and provide you with their performance metrics for comparison. You may know that you personally average 100 visitors per day; but you can never know if that is good, bar, or average unless you have a comparison. Perhaps your biggest competitors are pulling in less per day traffic than you, or perhaps they are pulling far more than your web page is. Either way, it’s crucial to know.


It isn’t enough to simply know what competing websites do differently, you need to know their results from those differences. This will all help you judge whether your differences are setting you apart from your competition in a good way, or a bad way. If you are significantly underperforming, how can you work to improve? If you are vastly overachieving, how can you maintain it? These are all boiled down to data and careful analysis with our Website Traffic Checker tool. The devil, as they say, is in the details.



Our tool uses all of the same metrics that we analyze for your personal website, and shows the same data for your competitors to you. We will show you their traffic per month, their geographical locations of their user base, their user engagement, and more! All of the juicy details that you need to know about your competitors will be spread out for you to look at and dive into. Just like when brick and mortar stores send their employees to ‘audit’ their competitors, we do the same for you.


Side-by-side comparisons of metrics might seem unfair in some cases, but they are still crucial. It would be unfair to compare a small corner store to a massive retail chain. However, even the data between the two can still provide deeper insight into certain areas of operation and marketing. Not all things need to be a ‘measuring contest’, but data is important for its face value no matter what. This is how our tool helps you.


-    How Does The Website Traffic Checker Work?


So, now that we have fully covered how our Website Traffic Checker tool can help you… How do you actually use it? Well, this might be the easiest part to grasp by far. Our Website Traffic Checker tool is designed to make your life as easy as possible. All you have to do is enter the URL of your business domain into our tool, and let the diagnostics run for themselves.


Within an instant of hitting the submit button, you will have all of the crucial data and information laid out before you in an easy to understand and read format. This makes getting the data you need about your website as easy as 1-2-3. Within seconds, you can have a deeper understanding of your website performance than you ever have before.


As web design experts ourselves, we know how important the raw data is to the success of your online business. We know from experience how difficult it can be to spend hours and hours each day pouring over spreadsheets, graphs, and numbers that can leave your head spinning. That is why we set out to design a tool that makes the entire analytical process a breeze. You don’t have to be an expert in analytics or digital marketing to understand the basic data that drives your website, and how your website is performing.


We aim to provide you and your business with the tools that you need to succeed, and take your online business to the next level. With a tool as easy as ours, and a process as simple as this, what’s holding you back? Give our online Website Traffic Checker tool a try, and see all of the metrics and data behind your website in an instant.

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