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Over the last few years, the popularity of Google's page rank measurement has seen a drop and SEOMoz's MozRank and Domain Authority is now the primary choice of many internet users. Majestic SEO has launched two new metrics, which they are claiming to be the most useful set of measures.


The metrics have two categories - trust flow and citation flow.

Citation Flow: It predicts how influential a URL might be based on the number of sites linked to it. The more links the site has, the higher the CF will be.


Trust flow Checker


TF: It predicts how trustworthy a URL will be. This is interpreted based on a back link's nearness to the trusted and aged domains. The links that come from trusted neighborhoods are more dependable when compared to links that come from un trustable neighborhoods. here is a free tool: trust flow checker

Always remember that the values range between 0 and 100 in CF and TF while Google is 99 on both forms of metrics. Search Engine Land has a CF of 75 whilst their TF is 64. Search engine round table has a CF of 69 and TF of 43.

It is important to keep measuring the efforts put into link-building periodically. This can be achieved using various tools which provide you with a picture of the value you give the web and also your website through your links. Among the most preferred tools is Majestic SEO.

Since the strength of PageRank is getting weaker, flow metrics become significant. Google gives a great importance to metrics just like domain authority, CF or TF as a ranking factor. All these data are quite hard to measure, as a result software have been designed by companies like Majestic, which are very good at analyzing links. With CF or TF, it is a lot easier for Google to rank a website based on its quality, authority or trust.


Citation flow


CF means the popularity of a link on a website regardless of the quality of these links. The best example is pornography sites. They have a high CF, but the links are usually not qualitative. A site with numerous links pointing to it would be influential and will get a great. You may check citation flow by this free tool
It is important to recognize that if the TF increases, then CF will also increase. However, if Citation flow increases, there is no evidence that TF will also increase. Therefore, if a site with high Citation flow points to your site, your Citation flow will get a boost. But if sites with high CF, but low TF link to your site, it will adversely impact your Trust flow.

This metric examines how reliable a website is by measuring its quality. Quality is the key data of this metric. If a link pointing to your site is authentic and qualitative, then your trust flow increases. A good trust flow is more difficult to get compared to a citation flow, hence the Citation flow will always get higher than the trust flow because there are lots of links but not all are relevant.

In contrast, it appears that there exist a direct relationship between trust flow and organic traffic. In reality, if a website has a very high trust flow, it indicates it has numerous qualitative backlinks and thus gets a high ranking in Google because Google rewards qualitative backlinks.
RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN MAJESTIC METRICS It is important to know which ratio is recommended to get between cf and tf. For example, if a Citation flow has 20 and a Trust flow has 40, then the ratio is 1:2. The highest ratio is 0:9 even when Google has 98:99.
Average ratio is 0.50. A high ratio is generally delivered to an authoritative and reliable website. If the website has a CF much higher than a Trust flow , there is no doubt that the site is hosting lots of low-quality links.

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