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A Powerful Tool to Extract Domains from URLs and generate disavow file

What exactly does this?

URL domain, It works to extract domains from URLs (Web links), as well as its respective subdomains. It is a completely free packed with professional power. In addition to its primary objective, you will be able to disregard IP URLs, remove duplicates domain, sort the results in numerical and chronological order, etc.

Who can use?

The program is open to a number of different people. This includes business owners with online services, webmasters/website owners, Web developers, online marketers, and search engine optimization (SEO) experts.
A great feature of the tool is its compatibility with Google and Bing's "disavow file generator" option. This will allow you prevent the negative effects of certain SEO issues, such as undesirable or dangerous URLs that lead to your own website. You will simply input the links in a .txt file and upload it through the program.

What are the TLD/gTLD names used by the program?

All TLD and gTLD names the tool uses come from both ICANN and private domains, which are defined through a TLD filter. They are also updated on a regular basis so that the names are always legitimate and can be operated by the script.

Which encoding format is compatible?

The encoding format of the output data will be UTF-8.

Is the number of URLs that can be checked restricted?

In theory, millions of URLs simultaneously submitted probably won't be effective. As long as you don't go overboard with your entries and limit them to under 50k, the tool will perform without any issues. Some submissions will not yield any highlighted text, which means you've submitted too many URLs. If this happens, simply reduce your submission and try again to extract.

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