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How to extract the domain name from a URL

Do you want to extract a list of domains from URLs for competitive analysis and other purposes? Do you want to get an insight into different steps t extract a domain name from URL? It is a fact that there are several domain extractors online with the help of these tools you can find domain name from URL. In this article, I shall give you a few tips and some pieces of advice that will help you get the domain names from a list of URLs using different formulas. There are variations of the recipe that help you extract the domain names with and without the URL protocol. The solution is compatible with all versions of excel software.

If you are worried about promoting your website or you are optimizing your website for SEO at an expert level. In cases when you are developing the websites of your clients as an SEO and marketing professional, you need to analyze a massive list of URL and process these URLs for your marketing purpose. You need to analyze the google analytics reports on website traffic and traffic sources. You need to evaluate webmaster tool reports on new links, and you have to go through reports on your competitor's websites. These websites and link reports have a lot of interesting facts, and information they may help your SEO strategy.


 You need to extract the domain from URL, and for this process, you often buy online resources or domain extractor to remove URL to the area and use it for your SEO strategy. Extracting URL to the domain name is made possible through some simple steps. By following these steps, you may remove URL to domain. 




  You may do it through micro soft excel to extract URL to domain. You may use it to get lists from ten to a million links. These facts make it a selling tool. These tools are powerful, agile and extendable, and you can send the reports directly from the software sheet without any delay.

 You don’t need a tool if you want to extract fewer than ten links. But if you have millions of inbound links you surely need a tool. You may use custom software developed for the purpose. You can tailor it according to your needs and requirements. When you are going to analyze a list of yrs, you need to perform some tasks for further procedure.

Get the domain name from URL

  • regroup domain to URL
  • remove the links from the area you have processed
  • merge the table by URL or domain

It is a fact that most professionals use URL to domain converter to get a domain from URL and to convert the area to URL. You can get a reliable URL to domain extractor and URL to domain finder to make the process easy.

Here are some easy steps to extract the domain name from URL and then analyze it. In this way, you may get a report about your competitors.


 Add the domain name column

You may export data from a CSV file. You may Press Ctrl + T to convert these files to an excel table. It is a more convenient method for the purpose. There is the other way. It is somewhat long and complicated. You need to use an additional column for the process. Technically www is the third level of a domain. You may leave all other domain names in 3rd level. If you don’t do so, you will be in a messy condition. You may use the formula and excel uses t automatically.

  • Enter the formula to extract the domain name
  • In the first cell of the column, you may enter the formula to extract the domain name.

As you have 

  • A robust and evaluated table. The excel file will copy the formula and apply it to all the cells. Now you have a column with extracted domain names.

In this way, you can get a domain from URL. There are several disavow file generator and domain extractor from URL. With the help of these tools, you may extract areas from URLs. But there is a process for the purpose. You may find software to extract the domain name from a URL.

Why extracting the domain names

It is essential to use excel to extract domains from URL or web addresses. It is a necessary thing for online business owners, SEO professionals and web developers because they have some added benefits from the data they extract. There are different domain retrieving tools o web and most of these tools are free to use. Some premium tools come with nominal charges. Each of this software and devices has its pros and cons. It depends on the number of factors. There is a lot of URL to domain tools that are very straightforward and offer simple and easy to use service for all interested professionals.

 What are these tools?

Some websites provide the professional to extract both domains and sub domains from URLs. You may remove web addresses also. With these tools, you can get URLs or domains free of any costs whenever you need the domain data. You can remove thousands off areas with just a few clicks.

WHO CAN USE domain extractors?

The domain extract software is the need of all the individuals who are related to marketing, whether it is SEO or paid advertising. If you are an online business owner, you need to convert to the domain. You may extract areas and use data for optimizing your website. In the same way, you may retrieve URL.

There are a number of uses of a domain name extract. You can counter the effect of a negative seo attack. You can upload files on google and Bing that contain unwanted domains and report these websites. In this way you may counter the negative effects of these websites.


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