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Website SEO Checker API

    Website SEO Checker's simplistic API allows users to integrate our powerful data into all of their applications and ideas.
    API calls are made by sending a HTTP GET request to Website SEO Checker.

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Request parameters

Name Value Description
key Your API key An identification key assigned to a user after subscribing (available to [Plus, MAX and BUSINESS] Plans)
items integer The number of URLs returned to a request, from 1 to 100
item item0,item1,item3.....item99 URL returned to a request (


Request example

Response example (json)

[{"URL":"","Title":"Example Domain","Categories":"Health\/Pharmacy","Domain Authority":92,"Page Authority":80,"Total backlinks":39870975,"Quality backlinks":38781358,"quality backlinks percentage":97,"MozTrust":8,"Spam Score":50,"Trust flow":54,"Citation flow":56,"Indexed URLs":609888,"DoFollow links":"88%","NoFollow links":"12%"},{"URL":"","Title":"n\/a","Categories":"Computers\/Internet\/Domain Names","Domain Authority":72,"Page Authority":64,"Total backlinks":438276,"Quality backlinks":156871,"quality backlinks percentage":36,"MozTrust":6,"Spam Score":22,"Trust flow":68,"Citation flow":46,"Indexed URLs":99752,"DoFollow links":"81%","NoFollow links":"19%"},{"URL":"","Title":"n\/a","Categories":"Regional\/North America","Domain Authority":67,"Page Authority":64,"Total backlinks":99850,"Quality backlinks":78447,"quality backlinks percentage":79,"MozTrust":6,"Spam Score":39,"Trust flow":26,"Citation flow":35,"Indexed URLs":34645,"DoFollow links":"97%","NoFollow links":"3%"}]