SkyRanker Review – UPDATED 2019

A revolutionary new software that promises to be the biggest SEO software launch ever, SkyRanker is created to link a website to a large number of high traffic sites. Developed by Chris Munch and his team at Munchweb, SkyRanker is a result of years of software optimization and marketing campaigns.

Chris is a successful marketing coach and entrepreneur who has achieved a lot of fame for his innovations in SEO and traffic generation. He has earned millions working as a vendor and an affiliate. His company, Munchweb, specializes in providing news and trends to thousands of top-level entrepreneurs.

It is also known for creating and delivering software tools for businesses. SkyRanker is designed to provide numerous benefits to websites and blogs. In this review, we dive deeper into the offerings and features of this revolutionary software.

SkyRanker Review – UPDATED 2019

Considering the importance of search engine rankings for the website traffic and potential income, SkyRanker software is specially developed to help you build quality backlinks and press releases to websites with high PR. With new and new Google updates being introduced in recent years, it is highly essential that your website doesn’t just have a strong online presence but is also linked to relevant, high-quality websites.

SkyRanker, after years of optimization and testing, was proven to be effective at first page rankings in less than 48 hours, for any niche. It offers benefits like hundreds of quality backlinks, improved SERP ratings, fast and reliable traffic, top notch customer service and improved ROI.

SkyRanker offers a simple 3-step process to getting front-page traffic for the website. You can use the SkyRanker Article Building Software to create a 300+ words article automatically. You can then choose a press release template and pick the niches or keywords you want to target.

Then, the software lets you publish your content across hundreds of high PR, quality websites with the help of the dedicated distribution network created by Munchweb. You then get exposure to more than 1400 major traffic websites including Yahoo News, Factiva, Google News, BBC, CBS and more.

There is no limit to the type of audience you can promote to with SkyRanker. Right from eCommerce and SEO to Amazon, local and offline marketing and much more, this tool is for all.

SkyRanker lets you use the power of PressCable to create quality content and publish it on some of the top blogs, media outlets and news sites. You can expect results like

  • Fast Targeted Traffic with high Google search rankings
  • Effective Content Exposure from major news sites
  • Strong SEO Boost with over 200 white hat backlinks from high PR domains
  • Entry into numerous media databases to expose content in front of self-subscribed journalists and bloggers to get you explosive media coverage

SkyRanker Cost & Discounts

The SkyRanker software costs $495 for the front-end which enables marketers, authors, eCommerce experts, bloggers, publishers, vendors, affiliates and SEO Pros get a lot of attention online. It uses the power of PressCable to allow creating powerful, newsworth content and publish it on some of the most popular blogs, news sites and media outlets in the world.

SkyRanker offers some of the most irresistible discounts on lifetime recurring commission basis of 50%. This software is proven to be the most powerful platform for eCommerce promotions. While PRWeb charges $369 per release, SkyRanker charges a full time $159 and runs a massive discount offer if one can bring 100 people to a live webinar. The prices are quite affordable and competitive.

Is SkyRanker BlackHat?

SkyRanker is a method to get rankings on the first page of Google for competitive search terms in hours. It offers a powerful PressCable service to provide press releases onto some of the highest authority news sites which Google and people trust so that you can earn some serious rankings and quality traffic. SkyRanker can be used to submit content for local clients to earn money. It also helps using High Ticket Affiliate Programs to get some serious profits.

The SkyRanker training provides access to a large number of ways in which you can make money by creating and submitting press releases. The method is white hat and it works because the content lands on authority sites which everybody trusts. You can use this method as many times as you want and get huge targeted traffic and more than 200 white hat backlinks from high PR, high traffic websites. The best thing is that Google loves this white hat method and you need not worry about any suspension or penalty.

Presscable Press Releases

PressCable is a press release distribution service which offers an easy way to distribute content to high-quality websites to grow a brand naturally and get targeted traffic. It is designed in such a way that users can get massive attention with ease and speed. You just need to log in to PressCable, select how you want to create your press release and fill in the blanks.

The software offers a smart PR writing wizard that pops up a series of quick and short questions about the announcement you want to make. Answering these questions would result in compelling and newsworthy information and structure that would ensure your PR gets noticed. A draft of your press release is created in seconds customized to your announcement using an effective format. You can go through the announcement and tweak if you want. Click on “Publish” to get your PR approved for instant publication within hours.

Apart from this PR writing software that saves you time and money, PressCable offers powerful add-ons to make your PR campaigns more effective. You can use the extended media distribution service to get your content featured on high-end financial sites to result in wider visibility, higher traffic and stronger exposure to get increased authority boost for your business. PressCable’s custom media lists let you generate high level of media coverage through media entities with strong influence.