Domain Authority History

Domain Authority History

Google has several metrics for ranking websites.  Several years ago, Google publicly displayed the PageRank of the site, which is one of the metrics they use. This metric was marked as a numerical indication of the value of a site. One mistake that Google made was to make it too public, meaning that marketers would desperately look for all means to shape, spoof, manipulate, sculpt, and tamper with this metric.

Google later realized that they had to do something to combat this increasing need to concentrate on just one metric. For that reason, they tried the best to make fewer and fewer updates visible. In 2014, Matt Cutts came out publicly and declared there would be no future updates to visible PageRank. This doesn't mean Google stopped using this metric internally.

Moz, which was formally referred to as SEOMoz keenly observed that the Page Rank was going down with time, which is the reason why they thought of choosing a replacement metric. It’s also known that Moz had their other parameter before PageRank became less of a factor. 

Now that PageRank was dying a slow death, they had to put more energy in their current metric to make it more applicable and accurate. The name of this metric is Domain Authority. For this metric to work, it considers a variety of other sub-metrics, including the number of linking domains and the number of links.

What does Historical-Domain authority mean?

Domain Authority is a new page ranking score metric that ranges from 1-100. This domain authority gives insights for the likelihood of a site ranking for keywords. The domain score shows your SEO strength and has some ability to predict how well your page will rank.

There are a few factors that are put in to determine your domain authority score. The Moz Company, which created domain authority, uses the linking root domains and the total number of links to generate your score. If you have a higher score, it means you have a better chance of ranking better on the search engine. The news is it’s very easy to compare the competitor score to see how well they are ranging, and what they are doing, which you are not investing in.

Essential notes on Historic domain authority

Some marketers miss some imperative notes about Historic domain authority. First of all, you should know that your Domain is not officially a page ranking factor. Additionally, the search engine doesn't use the domain authority to determine how they will rank your page. One major pro of this metric is to help you have a near-certain prediction about how well you are going to rank in Google search results.

On the other hand, Domain authority is not a ranking that factors in all the SEO factors. Its link and trust focused metric. This is an indication that two sites with the same DA may have varying levels of value. This doesn't mean DA is not useful to know, it is, but it’s not necessarily used in judging the quality of a website.

Why does the DA history matter?

The Domain Authority has ventured in the SEO jargon, but very few marketers understand what it means. In fact, some of them don't know whether it matters or not. Since we have already answered the other questions, we now want to state the reasons why DA history matters. First of all, knowing your DA history can help you plan better. You can compare your DA history with that of your competitors and be in a position to notice what you are not doing right. 

With the information, it’s easy to embark on a link building campaign to raise the figure. This will also attract several gains in Google ranking. The domain authority can count to several factors, which include the backlink age, spam signals, domain age, social shares, brand mentions, and long clicks.

The domain authority score is also very imperative because it’s a representative of how well you rank on Google. With the Domain Authority History results, you can better understand your site credibility. You also have a reference to compare your site with that of your strongest competitors.

Domain Authority history also helps you know where your site winds up in the search engines and know what to do to increase the score and better help to rank higher.

How do I track my historical domain authority?

As I had stated earlier, it’s necessary to know your Domain Authority. Though there are only two ways to track the Domain, one of these methods is the one we are going to discuss today. This is tracking the historical domain authority. What this shows is the comparison between your DA yesterday and the DA today. It can show the Domain Authority a week ago, a month ago or even years ago, and how it is today. This is just to help you determine how well you are progressing.

The other method is comparative, where you compare the DA of your strongest Competitor and your DA. This gives you an insight into where you are standing today. Before we help you in tracking your historical domain authority, it’s imperative to state that DA is constantly changed and improved. The founder removes some sites from their index and constantly adds others. They also constantly change the influence of several factors.

This is an indication that DA can vary from week-to-week or even year to year. Most people also experience a DA drop of specific points when in reality, they haven't changed anything. This can occur even when you haven't lost value or lost any links. With that in your head, you may still want to check domain authority history and know how this is growing over time. If that is the case, you can do so any time using a historic Domain authority checker.

How to find Domain Authority Ranking History?

Google sees all the sites differently. Some of these sites attract tons of search traffic, and some of them struggle to show on the result pages. Google believes that two main factors affect the way your website ranks. One of these factors is Authority based on the relevance of the links and their quality and also the external backlinks and eventually the content on terms of quality and keywords use.

To know your likelihood of ranking better on Google, you should know the Domain Authority and compare it right week by week, day-by-day, or year-by-year.

It’s not easy to check the domain authority history unless you have a reliable Domain authority checker. In this regard, you can choose to use our Domain authority history checker. It offers a quick check of a website, giving you a stronger indication of how your website has grown over time.

This domain checker gives results in many areas.  Verily, you can effortlessly get results on the below metrics:

  • Domain Authority History-With the Domain Authority history checker, you can check the domain authority history for the last three years. It is a unique tool with all the ability to check domain authority history.
  • Page authority (PA)-The tool gives you the calculated Authority for your specific pages. This is very beneficial because you can be able to notice areas of improvement to improve the score at any time.
  • Backlinks and the external links-With the DA history checker tool, you can check all the external links and backlinks to a specific domain.
  • Google PageRank-I am sure you also want the calculated Authority on the scale of 1-10, which you are very likely to get with this DA History checker tool. However, this metric is not very beneficial because Google announced they would not use it anymore.
  • The URL and site age-You also want to compare the DA authority of your website with that of your strongest competitors, with this website, you are able to get the estimated age of their site and URL.
  • Check the social media score-You also want to know the total count share on Pinterest and Facebook. That will be very beneficial in knowing where you are missing the point.

How to use this Domain Authority History checker

Are you wondering when you are supposed to use DA history checker? You can use this Domain authority history checker in very many situations to get the data depending on your needs. You may want to use it to check the current Authority; you may want to spy on your competitor's Domain authority, get the current and historical domain authority of your site or specific pages.

You may also need to research the SEO strength of your strongest competitor. Many marketers would also use this Domain Authority History checker to examine new link building opportunities.

Checking Domain Authority with the Best tool?

Once you have learned about Domain Authority, you are probably asking how you can check your DA score. To do that, you are supposed to use this DA history checker tool. With this DA checker, you can see your PA and your DA and be in a position to predict the likelihood of your pages ranking better. You will know how your pages rank and the ranking of your Domain against the competitors.

It’s also effortless to see how your DA score correlates to the ranking in the SE results. Some of the pages garner are more engaging than others. The data you get here actually helps you in creating fresh content that will link to your past audience.

The developers of this DA history checker uses learning algorithms that can adjust and calibrate your domain score given the recent activities. You are definitely going to get up-to-date information about your Domain Authority.

The tool may also measure URL rating and domain rating, which serve the same purposes. To start, you are just supposed to enter your Domain into this DA history checker, and you will get all the data you need in a click of a button. You will be in a position to see important information such as the backlinks and the linking websites. It will also show you which of these links are valuable and which are dofollow links.

What’s a good Domain Authority score?

Are you now wondering what an ideal Domain authority score is? Or have you just checked your DA score and wants to know whether it’s on the better side? The fact remains that there’s no single domain authority score that is right and the other not. What makes the difference here is the keyword targeting and your competition.

In most situations, you want to spy the history of the domain authority of your competitors and target higher scores.Just focus on the competition. Make sure you are trying as much as possible to beat their DA score.

A good marketer always tries the best to compare their business with the competition. You just have to identify similar sites, check their DA score using Domain Authority History checker tool, and strategize yourself to beat their score. In most cases, Domain Authority is used as a comparative metric.

How to calculate historic Domain authority?

As stated earlier, DA scores range from 1-100, with the highest domain score being on the safer side. Almost all site owners out there want a higher DA score for their website and pages. Verily, when you have a better DA score, you have a better chance of ranking on Search Engine results.

To calculate the DA score, there are many factors that are factored in. Some of these DA factors include the total number of links, MozTrust, and linking root domains, among many others. The calculator adds all the factors together and uses other strategies to create a DA score.

Regardless of the score today, you should understand that it’s very easy to improve your score. However, it’s easier when you are on a lower tier than when you are on the higher tier. This means that a score can go up from 20-40 faster than 80-90. Though you shouldn't worry so much because there's always something you can do to improve your DA.

Just remember that established sites will always have a higher score simply because they have more links pointing to their website. Small sites and new businesses will have lower scores because they don’t have as many links as their competitors. However, if you are here and produce quality content and target other means of making it work, you are definately on the right track.

Bulk domain authority history checker

Bulk domain authority checking is for comparative uses, which has now been made easy with Domain Authority History checker. The developers understand how much you need the DA score for your competitors and other information about their DA history. For that reason, they facilitate Bulk DA history checking. You can actually check the domain authority score of your competitors with less hassle.

Start improving your Domain Authority score

In perfect harmony, HubSpot's drag-and-drop website builder empowers businesses to effortlessly create stunning websites without coding. Meanwhile, Website SEO Checker complements this by offering a tool to check the historical domain authority of a website, ensuring optimal credibility and performance over time. Together, they optimize web presence and enhance online visibility seamlessly.

DA score is a very imperative indicator that you should start improving today. It helps you predict how you are going to Rank on Google search engines. Now that you have all the information about Domain authority and how you can check your Domain Authority History or check your competitor’s DA score, you should better your business.

There are measures to take and help the business rank better in Search Engines. Just target a higher DA score than your competitors to increase your chances of a better Rank. However, I must state that improving your domain authority score is a daunting task. It’s complicated and confusing. That's why there are teams of experts to help you in that area. Just ensure you have selected a team with excellent experience and expertise. 

Can I improve my site’s Domain Authority score?

Yes, but it’s a confusing and complicated affair. Though, if you are confident enough, you don't have to spend a lot of time and money hiring someone. Just follow the below few steps and keep researching for more. 

  • Your profile-To improve your Domain authority, you should start by auditing your profile. Start by an audit to see how the site is performing and the full scope of your campaign.
  • Who are your competitors-To strategize well, you should pinpoint your competition and act accordingly. You should be able learn from their mistakes.
  • The content-The other method is to create some great and high-quality content so that you can earn backlinks and create linkable pages.
  • Promote the pages-For other marketers to link to your pages or also get backlinks; you have to promote your pages.

Obviously, there are alternative ways of improving your DA score. I am sure you want to see your DA history and compare it with the current standing for better decision making. Worry less because this Domain authority History checker has you covered. Just input your Domain and click on search, and the results will be visible on your screen. 


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