Citation Flow

Citation Flow

Understand and interpret the Metrics Majestic SEO is essential for the implementation of your strategies net linking, Link-Building or buying the expired domain.


The Citation Flow (CF) is an indicator for the popularity of the page, the total number of links pointing to it with different IP. The higher your page will have links pointing to it plus the CF will be. The Citation Flow does not reflect the quality of links but quantity.

The Trust Flow (TF) meanwhile is complementary to Citation Flow since more is the quality { Trust | trust} links that point to your page. It translated into some kind of ability to transmit confidence to another page.





The TF / CF Graph is very convenient to see the quality of a page or not. When looking at the chart, the ideal is to have the closest point and along the diagonal.

Understand and analyze well the CF and TF:

By checking trust flow and citation flow,These 2 Metrics are calculated from the total number of links, number of ref Domains, the number of different C class … They are graduated from 0 to 100. The higher a page has a high Citation Flow and Trust Flow, the more it is able to bring the popularity (Link Juice).

Recently Majestic Trust Flow & Citation Flow Metrics and Moz Domain Authority & Page Authority provide you enough information about any domain.

The ideal is to have a high CF, but equivalent to the TF. This can result in a “Site with lots of backlinks from all but monopolized themselves of sites.” Finally, we note that the profile with the highest authority , Trust is one that has a nice “violet flame” along the diagonal. Visually easy and convenient to quickly identify the quality of a site, page.